After Trying Taylor Swift's "New Favorite" Cocktail, I Am Confident That It Will Be My Personality For The Next Three Months

Whatever Taylor Swift does, from low-key dinners out with friends to eating chicken tenders with seemingly ranch, it ends up in the news.

Taylor Swift at a Chiefs game
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And the latest news is this: While dining out with friends in Kansas City, Taylor reportedly — wait for it — ordered a cocktail. That cocktail? The delicious, crisp French Blonde.

Closeup of Taylor Swift
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The origins of the drink are unclear. Allegedly, it may have been invented by a 1920s French bartender who wanted to create a more "feminine" French 75...which, um, okay! It may also have been invented in New York City, or, hell, Kansas itself. Whatever its origins, the drink is apparently a "classic."

According to Page Six, Taylor recently went to dinner with friends at Rye, a Kansas restaurant. The restaurant owner claims that the French Blonde is Taylor's new favorite; and whatever Taylor does, we do. So, I've decided to teach you how to make it.

Taylor with friends at a Kansas City Chiefs game
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(Between you and me, I'm just glad my queen has graduated from her previous favorite drink, which she once told us was Diet Coke and vodka. Taylor, I am happy you have introduced us to something new.)

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Here's what you'll need to make the drink, according to Lillet's own website:

Ingredients to make a French Blonde

- 2 oz Lillet Blanc

- 2 oz fresh grapefruit juice

- 1 oz dry gin

- 1/2 oz elderflower liqueur

- 3 dashes lemon bitters (but I used orange)

Julia Corrigan

Step 1: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice.

Ingredients and tools for a French Blonde
Julia Corrigan

Step 2: Strain into the glass of your choice.

Ingredients and tools for a French Blonde
Julia Corrigan

You can garnish with grapefruit peel, like I tried to (I'm not very good at it):

cutting board with grapefruit peels, knife, and vegetable peeler
Julia Corrigan

Et voilà! Your gorgeous little cocktail.

bottles of alcohol in background; in foreground, a cocktail in a coupe glass
Julia Corrigan

Reader, this drink is so good. Definitely worth the hype. It was deliciously light and fresh, and didn't taste too heavy on the alcohol...although it's definitely in there. It doesn't hurt that this drink was, like, the easiest thing in the world to make.

close up on drink: bottles of alcohol in background; in foreground, a cocktail in a coupe glass
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Side note, so you can get a second review: I made one of these for my roommate, who is working next to me in our living room, and she took a sip and said, "That is...unfortunately, really good." We are now drinking these fancy cocktails at 2 p.m. on a sunny Friday afternoon and feel as though we are in Mad Men. I think I'll make us another.

Screenshot from "Mad Men"

The elderflower from the St. Germain adds a delicate floral flavor, and the grapefruit helps temper the Lillet so the drink isn't too sweet.

Even Percy wanted to come check it out. None for you, Percy.

Cocktail glass on a table, and my cat Percy peeking over the table to see what's going on

These were so good, and I swear, the easiest cocktail in the world. (TBF, any cocktail where you just dump it in a shaker and pour it into a glass is the easiest cocktail in the world to me.)

Julia Corrigan

If you've made this before or if you decide to try it now, let me know what you think! Orrrrrr, if you have other cocktail recommendations, please drop them below. I'm always looking for more to try!

And thank you, Taylor, for the rec, even if all you did was order a random cocktail off the menu at a Kansas restaurant.

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