MAFS UK star Arthur defends decision to use vows he found on the internet

The groom and his bride Laura spoke to Yahoo UK about their nuptials

Arthur in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)
Arthur in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

Married at First Sight UK star Arthur has defended his decision to look up vows on the internet for his wedding on the E4 programme's first episode, a controversial moment he tells Yahoo UK he has "no regrets" about.

The tennis coach ruffled feathers when he used the pre-written vows during his nuptials to Laura, as they ended with him saying "I love you" despite having only just met her at the altar. He later admitted to Laura's friend that he'd simply searched for vows on the internet rather than write them himself, which irked his new bride when she found out.

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When asked about his experience on the show, Arthur reflects: "That week when I found out I've got to write my vows and stuff, how do you even pick the words? Words for someone you['ve] never meet before as well.

"I was moving houses as well at the same time, so I thought to myself I've got no time to sit down and actually think about how I feel about [it]."

Laura in Married at First SIght UK (Channel 4)
Laura in Married at First SIght UK (Channel 4)

Arthur continues, "I'm not looking forward to seeing that. It's what it is, you know what there's nothing I can change now.

"I've got no regrets, simple as that. Trust the universe is what I say."

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Laura also spoke to Yahoo UK about their wedding, saying at first she felt "calm and collected" about the event because she'd been married before but then had a moment of panic whilst walking down the aisle, and almost ran away from her prospective groom.

"When I was stood at the end of the aisle I actually took a sharp intake of breath because he did look like my ex from the back, I nearly ran the other direction!" Laura explained.

Laura in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)
Laura in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

"The day itself you are so, so busy, like with any wedding you're so busy talking to loads of different people, but this one you actually need to turn the eyes inwards and focus on the person [you're marrying].

"At a normal wedding it's about entertaining everyone else? But this wedding is actually finding out who the hell you've married as fast as possible and I think really learning what questions to ask as well.

Because on the day it's such a whirlwind, you only have a small amount of time so you have to be quite methodical with what you're asking them, you know, the key stuff like 'am I your type?'

"That's what I was worried about as well, not just liking them them being disappointed when they saw me for the first time, and there's so much emotion, it is very emotional."

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.