Magic GM addresses free agent leak and what it means

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On Monday, the Magic signedPatricio Garino for the rest of the season. This news wouldn't have been viewed by many people, except that in the process of signing him, his agency took a photo of him joining the team and accidentally photographed the team's free agency plans.

The original tweet has been deleted, but multiple screenshots of the board remain online. A lot of the board is legible and has columns ofHybrid Trade, Hybrid Free Agencyand Spread Bigs Trade. The board indicates players they are interested in signing, or perhaps trading for in the upcoming offseason.

The Orlando Sentinel reached out togeneral manager Rob Hennigan, who downplayed the whole incident. He claims the board is “not indicative of plans” and they were “simply listing options, including some of which other teams have inquired about.”

While the GM doesn't give the board much value, it can't stop fans from speculating about it. Perhaps the most notable part was next to“Saric,” likely meaning 76ers forward Dario Saric, was an added note, "For AG?" which many believed to stand for Aaron Gordon.

A Reddit user compiled all the readable names from the list, and considering how many people are listed, it's really hard to take much away from the board.

Most teams have lists like these, but they aren't out in the open for everyone to see. While the Magic probably didn't want this stuff getting out, it likely won't cause too much trouble for the franchise.

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