The majors 'have to stand above politics', says LIV Golf's Cameron Smith

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While Smith has a five-year exemption to play in all four majors thanks to his win in this year's Open Championship, the fate of his fellow players on the LIV Golf circuit remains uncertain. The PGA Tour has already indefinitely banned golfers who've played a LIV event from competing on its tour, while the DP World Tour is currently in a legal battle after trying to do the same on the other side of the Atlantic. Precisely what the implications are for LIV Golf players in terms of the majors, however, is yet to be determined. Meanwhile, LIV players are still being prevented from gaining any points towards the world rankings system, which has seen them tumble down the standings. Speaking to reporters in his native Australia, Smith said he hoped sanity would prevail and LIV players would once again be able to take their place in the global golf hierarchy. "I think the majors really have to stand above all the politics," Smith said. "If they really want the best product and the best players playing against each other in the world, they have to let us play. There's no reason other than playing another tour that should suggest we shouldn't play. "We're definitely good enough players. We should have those spots. Smith said he thinks mistakes were made on both sides of the aisle as LIV Golf emerged on the world stage in 2022. "I think on both sides of the board there could have been a few things, definitely at the start, where they could have said different stuff," he added. "There were things where... there was just some petty stuff going on. It wasn't just one side. I'm hopeful that all that is going to really die down. It would be nice because it's not golf. "I feel like golf has always been a sport to overcome all these different problems throughout the world, and it feels like it's taken a step back."

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