Making Spam Fries In Your Air Fryer Is Almost Too Easy

Can of Spam luncheon meat
Can of Spam luncheon meat - Bloomberg/Getty Images

If you're a Spam lover, then you're likely a big fan of Spam musubi as a snack, Spam and eggs for breakfast, or Spam any time, whether as the meat in a burger or chopped up for Spam fried rice. You're also probably eager to try new ways to enjoy the salty canned blend of pork and ham. But even if you're not normally a Spam eater, you still might want to give this fun way to prepare it a try — as it could be the snack that totally changes your mind. So why not give Spam fries a chance?

Thinly sliced and fried, Spam makes a delicious version of french fries, sans-starch. Like potatoes, the outside of the meat gets nice and crispy while the center stays soft and tender. While fries are typically made by deep frying — and therefore by using a whole bunch of vegetable oil — that isn't really necessary for Spam fries. In fact, the air fryer will get the job done just as well, with way less mess and at a much lower cost (cooking oil is among the biggest food price increases we've seen in recent months, after all).

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Quick And Easy Air Fryer Spam Fries

Spam fries in a Spam tin
Spam fries in a Spam tin - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Making Spam fries doesn't require a complicated recipe. It's as easy as cutting the block of luncheon meat into fries and tossing them into the air fryer until they're crispy. Simply slice the Spam into patties, then chop the patties into whatever style of fries you prefer; thinner fries will be crispier throughout, while thicker ones will be juicier on the inside. They'll only need about 10 minutes in the air fryer — just be sure to rotate them about halfway through so they cook evenly.

Spam already has its fair share of sodium, so you likely won't need to add any salt after you take them out of the air fryer. If you want to season the fries further, though, consider using garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, or a combination of those spices. Or, make a classic fry sauce instead. A mix of Sriracha, ketchup, and mayo is one tasty option, but just about any creamy sauce will complement the salty meat fries — kind of like grilled hot dogs without the bun.

Breaded Spam Fries Are Also An Option

Bowl of Panko breadcrumbs
Bowl of Panko breadcrumbs - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Spam fries are deliciously crisp all on their own, but if you want to give them an extra layer of crunch, you can always bread them, ideally in panko breadcrumbs. This process will naturally be a little more labor-intensive than simply slicing them into fries and tossing them in the air fryer, but it will be worth it if you prefer a more crackly texture on your air-fried delights.

Breading Spam fries can be done using the same process you would use for chicken strips or mozzarella sticks. First, you'll want to coat the fries in seasoned flour. Next, dunk them in an egg wash. And finally, cover each side in breadcrumbs. It's always a good idea to freeze your homemade breaded foods for about an hour before putting them in the air fryer, as this will help the coating stick. Whether you fry Spam as regular fries or take the time to bread them, you're in for a tasty treat.

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