Maldonado fined for Perez incident


Pastor Maldonado was handed a 10,000 Euro fine and given a reprimand by the race stewards for his part in a collision with Sergio Perez during the British Grand Prix.

Perez was left furious after the coming-together - urging the FIA to teach Maldonado a lesson following a spate of crashes so far this season.

But after a detailed look at the incident on Sunday, the stewards elected to fine the Williams driver in stead.

A statement issued by the stewards said Maldonado was guilty of causing a collision, and because of the serious nature of the incident it was decided he would be hit with two penalties.

Maldonado said the crash with Perez had not been deliberate, and that he had simply lost control of the car on the entry to the corner.

"I think it was unlucky this time because I lost the car on the entry to the corner, right on the apex with the front and then the rear," he told AUTOSPORT.

"It was before I got to the kerb, and it was after I came out of the pits with DRS open. I did the braking on DRS, and I even braked before my normal braking point, and the reason [for the accident is] I think because the angle I had on the inside of the corner was not enough for the tyre conditions."

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