Maldonado after long-term deal


Pastor Maldonado says he would like to secure a long-term deal with Williams, although he insists there is still no confirmation that he will be at the team next year.

The Venezuelan, who joined the British squad at the start of last year, is expected to stay on for the 2013 season after scoring his maiden victory at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Maldonado says he is still in talks with the team, and believes a longer-term contract will be the best option for all sides.

"That would be good. You are more calm, more focused on the work, especially if you want to develop the car for next season," said Maldonado when asked by AUTOSPORT if he preferred a long-term deal.

"You are more comfortable working for the team. We'll see. Everything is looking good."

When asked if he was set to wait after until the end of the season for a confirmation, he said: "Maybe before. I'm not 100 per cent sure there, but we are there.

"There is no confirmation at the moment. I'm waiting for that. We are negotiating and that's it."

Maldonado said that while his main backer PDVSA wants to see him in the car next year, the company's deal with Williams is not tied to his presence.

"They are behind me, but they have a contract with the team," he said.

"They are with me but we are separated at the same time. It's difficult to say. Let's see in these two weeks and we'll see what happens.

"It's difficult to say. They are interested in seeing me in the car they sponsor. I hope to be here and we will have a conclusion quite soon."

The former GP2 champion believes he has done enough this season to secure a new deal and says he would like to stay on, but is not ruling out anything yet.

"From my side I did quite a good job. Maybe I paid for some of the mistakes I made. I think the team is very happy with me as well so we'll see. I hope to be here, so I cannot say I will be here next year. Anything can happen in F1."

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