Arsenal have dropped four points from winning positions already this season

Bukayo Saka of Arsenal celebrates scoring their side's first goal of the game during the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium, London. Credit: Alamy
Bukayo Saka of Arsenal celebrates scoring their side's first goal of the game during the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium, London. Credit: Alamy

If you’ve ranked teams by points won from losing positions then you have literally no choice but to also rank them for points lost from winning positions. Even if one team still hasn’t been in any winning positions from which to lose points.

Anyway, on we go. That other, currently Liverpool-led, ranking can be found here.


20) Bournemouth – 8 points
3 leads, 1 draw, 2 defeats

Really, really silly to take the lead against Brighton. They are yet to record a win this season and that will only keep them in the Premier League as long as three other teams continue to be even worse.


19) Brentford – 6 points dropped
4 leads, 1 win, 3 draws

Brentford lost just once from a winning position last season – Arsenal were the only team to avoid that fate altogether – and are still unbeaten on that score this season. That’s the positive spin on spaffing three leads out of four, anyway.


17=) Sheffield United – 5 points
2 leads, 1 draw, 1 defeat

Sheffield United and Everton getting together to win their first points from behind and lose their first points from ahead in the same game is a touching moment of unity in these troubled times. It is safe to say Paul Heckingbottom was not touched after his side lost at Tottenham, despite being 1-0 up going into injury time.


17=) Burnley – 5 points
2 leads, 1 draw, 1 defeat

Scored an early opener against Spurs. Won’t be making that mistake again. Then drew v Nottingham Forest after taking a less-early lead.


16) West Ham – 5 points
5 leads, 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat

Being pegged back by Bournemouth on the opening day feels a long time ago now and there is no shame in losing a match to Manchester City after taking the lead.


15) Wolves – 5 points
3 leads, 1 win, 1 draw, 1 defeat

Simply missed all their many, many chances when it was 0-0 at Old Trafford, thus avoiding the trap into which Nottingham Forest stumbled so foolishly, and then got thrashed by Brighton. When they did finally take a lead, they made sure to do so a) very late in the game and b) against an Everton side who simply never, ever score any goals. Liverpool was a very different story. Wolves led early; missed a sitter before half-time; then caved in the second half. They then gave Luton their first point of the season by throwing away a one-goal lead.


14) Arsenal – 4 points
6 leads, 4 wins, 2 draws

Still on track to match last season’s achievement of never losing from a winning position, but throwing away leads against Fulham and then against Tottenham was sub-optimal.


12=) Nottingham Forest – 3 points
3 leads, 2 wins, 1 defeat

Don’t go 2-0 up inside four minutes at Old Trafford, is the confusing lesson here.


12=) Crystal Palace – 3 points
3 leads, 2 wins, 1 defeat

Held on for a 1-0 win at Sheffield United on the opening day, eventually saw off Wolves after being pegged back to 1-1, and lost to Aston Villa after Odsonne Edouard’s opener.


10=) Newcastle – 3 points
4 leads, 3 wins, 1 defeat

Don’t be 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go against 10-man Liverpool, is the confusing lesson here.


10=) Manchester United – 3 points
4 leads, 3 wins, 1 defeat

Nobody dropped fewer points from winning positions last season than United, who won 23 of the 26 Premier League games in which they led. The Arsenal silliness has put them on the back foot early doors this time around.


9) Everton – 2 points
2 leads, 1 win, 1 draw

If there’s one thing Sean Dyche knows how to do, it’s keep a lead.


8) Fulham – 2 points
3 leads, 2 wins, 1 draw

On balance, they’re probably taking that point at the Emirates even after becoming the latest in a bafflingly long line of teams to score in the first minute against Arsenal this year.


7) Tottenham – 2 points
5 leads, 4 wins, 1 draw

Should probably have won on the opening day at Brentford having led and trailed in a wild first half. Have been mighty impressive since, though.


6) Liverpool – 2 points
6 leads, 5 wins, 1 draw

The 3-0 win over Aston Villa marks the first time this season Liverpool have gone on to win after scoring the first goal of a game. Manchester City will win the actual title, but the battle between Liverpool and Spurs to be crowned the season’s most foolishly exciting team is going to be one for the ages.


5) Luton Town – 0 points
0 leads

The only team still yet to lead a Premier League game.


4) Chelsea – 0 points
1 lead, 1 win

Should have gone ahead against West Ham from the penalty spot. Did not. Paid a hefty second-half price. Made no such errors against poor old Luton.


3) Aston Villa – 0 points
3 leads, 3 wins

The opening-day aberration at Newcastle is forgotten, but at least that kind of thrashing does you no damage in this particular table. Subsequent comfy wins over Everton and Burnley never really looked like doing so either. Coming from behind to beat Palace was a nice change, as well.


2) Brighton – 0 points
5 leads, 5 wins

Pretty much flawless for the first two games of the season. Less said about the West Ham game the better. Then demolished Newcastle, Man United and Bournemouth. Good at football.


1) Manchester City – 0 points
6 leads, 6 wins

And all you hear about is how they don’t really look that convincing. And that’s because it’s true. Yet here we are, six games played, six games won and the near certainty that they will only get better. Good luck, everyone.

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