Man jailed after drunkenly assaulting ambulance worker

Jose Luis Serro Alexandre <i>(Image: Sussex Police)</i>
Jose Luis Serro Alexandre (Image: Sussex Police)

A man has been jailed after drunkenly assaulting an ambulance worker.

Emergency workers found  Jose Luis Serro Alexandre unconscious at premises in Terminus Road, Eastbourne, and took him into an ambulance.

After waking up and at first being calm and co-operative, Alexandre turned aggressive and insulting to the two crew members.

The 49-year-old confronted one of the ambulance workers and assaulted him outside the vehicle, jumping off the ambulance and kicking the victim.

Police arrived soon after and arrested Alexandre.

Although the ambulance worker was not seriously injured, they required time off work due to pain and the stress caused by the attack.

At Lewes Crown Court on September 15, Alexandre admitted assaulting an emergency worker on the night of May 17 this year and was jailed for eight months.

The Argus: Jose Luis Serro Alexandre
The Argus: Jose Luis Serro Alexandre

Jose Luis Serro Alexandre (Image: Sussex Police)

In a personal statement, the unnamed victim said: “I had not yet been the victim of a physical assault, but it has always been something in the back of my mind because as emergency workers we are vulnerable.

“The reality is we are just normal people behind a green uniform.

“That night, my dread became a reality, I suffered pain and bruising and had to have a period of sickness leave from work. It has caused me stress and I have thought about the ‘what if’ scenarios.

“I will be returning to the job that I love. I signed up to work for the ambulance service to care for and treat people and the worst of their lives.

“What I did not sign up for is to be assaulted and scarred for the rest of my career.”

Speaking after the case, South East Coast Ambulance Service security manager Dave Monk said: “We welcome the custodial sentence given to this individual. I would like to thank the investigating officers for their work in ensuring he was held accountable for his actions.

“My colleagues come to work to serve their communities and help people.

“They deserve to do this without facing violence or abuse and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure anyone who threatens or harms our staff in any way will be prosecuted.”

Eastbourne District Commander Chief Inspector Di Lewis said: “This was a shocking incident for the victim and highlights the dangers that emergency service workers face on a daily basis.

“But being assaulted should not be seen as just ‘part of the job’ for anyone, let alone for emergency service workers who serve the public in challenging and sometimes dangerous circumstances.

“Alexandre’s behaviour was completely unacceptable. We are pleased this has been reflected in the sentence passed by the court.”