Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough LIVE! Boro win shootout - FA Cup result, match stream and latest updates today

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Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough LIVE! Boro win shootout - FA Cup result, match stream and latest updates today
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Man United vs Middlesbrough LIVE!

Ralf Rangnick will be hoping for a far more convincing display from his United side against Middlesbrough than they produced in the FA Cup third round against Aston Villa.

Despite beating Villa 1-0, United were second best for much of the match and fortunate to get through. It was a similar pattern against Brentford and West Ham before the recent break - tame performances but positive results.

The interim manager has regularly spoken about how important this competition is to him and Rangnick has named an incredibly strong side.

They are, unsurprisingly, overwhelming favourites to get past Middlesbrough tonight at Old Trafford.

Chris Wilder’s side got past Mansfield in the last round, thanks to a 95th-minute goal to seal a 3-2 win, and they have lost just one of their last ten matches in all competitions.

Follow all the action with Standard Sport’s LIVE blog below...

Man United vs Middlesbrough latest news

  • Middlesbrough win penalty shootout 8-7!

  • GOAL! Crooks puts Boro level

  • OFFSIDE! Rashford effort ruled out

  • GOAL! Sancho’s strike gives United lead

  • PENALTY MISS! Ronaldo drags spot-kick wide

Manchester United FC 8 - 9 Middlesbrough FC

What a night for Middlesbrough...

23:44 , Matt Verri

Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough (7-8 pens): Elanga misses crucial penalty

Ralf Rangnick’s reaction...

23:20 , Matt Verri

“We conceded a goal which I don’t understand why it stood. He controlled it with his hand.

“In the moment when they scored, it was clear that VAR would not allow this goal to stand.

“We were not well positioned in that moment, too open and allowed them the counter, we should have won the game.”

Paddy McNair’s thoughts...

23:10 , Matt Verri

“It was unbelievable. We started the first half really slow but we deserved the win overall.

“They weren’t taking their chances and that gave us a lift. We are on very good form - we rode our luck at times.”

23:08 , Matt Verri

Ronaldo missed a penalty in the first-half, Fernandes missed two massive chances, Elanga had a header saved in stoppage-time, Rashford blazed over from a couple of yards...

United had enough chances to win five cup ties tonight, didn’t take them and Middlesbrough have snatched it on penalties.

Incredible result for Chris Wilder’s side!

That decisive penalty...

23:01 , Matt Verri


22:54 , Matt Verri

Elanga.... MISSES!

AWFUL. He’s launched it over the bar and Middlesbrough are through!

Man United have been knocked out of the FA CUP!

SCORES! Man United 7-8 Middlesbrough

22:53 , Matt Verri

Peltier is Boro’s eighth taker.


This has been a crazy shootout. Just sidefoots it into the roof of the net. Henderson does not have a chance.

SCORES! Man United 7-7 Middlesbrough

22:52 , Matt Verri

Dalot up for United... can he deal with the pressure?

YES. Curled his run up and send the goalkeeper the wrong way. That’s been a theme of this shootout.


SCORES! Man United 6-7 Middlesbrough

22:51 , Matt Verri

Fry for Boro, the centre-back.

No sign of this slowing down! Another great penalty right into the corner as Henderson went the opposite way.

SCORES! Man United 6-6 Middlesbrough

22:50 , Matt Verri

Scott McTominay.... just about!

Low, hard and it went through Lumley. He couldn’t get down quick enough. On we go!

SCORES! Man United 5-6 Middlesbrough

22:49 , Matt Verri

Watmore up for Boro. We’re into the takers who weren’t in the first five now...

He could have been... lovely penalty. Right into the side netting. Quality in this shootout has been brilliant.

SCORES! Man United 5-5 Middlesbrough

22:49 , Matt Verri

All the pressure on Fernandes. He misses, United are out.

How cool is that! Jogs up, waits for Lumley to move and then just rolls it the other way.

SCORES! Man United 4-5 Middlesbrough

22:48 , Matt Verri

Bamba to take Boro’s fifth penalty. Big, big moment.

SCORES! Henderson didn’t move, Bamba sent it, low off the post and into the corner.

Fernandes has to score...

SCORES! Man United 4-4 Middlesbrough

22:47 , Matt Verri

Well then, Ronaldo for United. Didn’t go well for him in the first-half.

No mistake this time! Blasts it into the back of the net. Lumley wasn’t far away from saving that.

SCORES! Man United 3-4 Middlesbrough

22:46 , Matt Verri

Tavernier up for Boro. Pressure building and building now.

Short run up... best penalty of the shootout! Lifted it into the top corner, Henderson went the right way and got nowhere near.

SCORES! Man United 3-3 Middlesbrough

22:45 , Matt Verri

Fred next up for United.

Stuttering run up... just about scores! Lumley went the right way but it was perfectly in the corner.

Great penalty from the midfielder.

SCORES! Man United 2-3 Middlesbrough

22:44 , Matt Verri

Howson to take Boro’s third of the shootout.

Another calm penalty. Waited for Henderson to dive to his right, sent it the other way.

SCORES! Man United 2-2 Middlesbrough

22:44 , Matt Verri

United captain Harry Maguire steps up.

What a penalty! Drills it low and into the opposite corner as the goalkeeper dives away.

SCORES! Man United 1-2 Middlesbrough

22:43 , Matt Verri

Martin Payero next up for Boro.

S... CORES! Wow that was fortunate. Henderson went really early, went the right way... let it go straight through him.

Payero just about gets the job done.

SCORES! Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough

22:42 , Matt Verri

Juan Mata to take United’s first penalty.

Replica of McNair’s effort... sends the keeper the wrong way and drilled into the corner. 1-1.

SCORES! Man United 0-1 Middlesbrough

22:41 , Matt Verri

Paddy McNair to take the first penalty of the shootout - chance for Boro to put the early pressure on United.

Lovely penalty, sends Henderson the wrong way.

22:39 , Matt Verri

United will not believe this tie hasn’t been settled.

Ronaldo and Fernandes could hardly move by the end of the 120 minutes, but they had to stay on for penalties.

Big moments for Henderson too - doesn’t get many opportunities, will want to be the hero here.


22:35 , Matt Verri

Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough

We’re going to penalties!

It was almost inevitable after United missed so, so, so many chances across the 120 minutes.

It’s all down to the shootout now.

22:33 , Matt Verri

120+1 mins: Fred clips it into the box, Ronaldo sends a tired leg towards it... can’t make contact.

That will surely be that now.

22:32 , Matt Verri

120 mins: Just isn’t happening for United. The success they had in the first-half going forward is nowhere to be seen.

Two minutes added on.

22:30 , Matt Verri

117 mins: Jones down again for Boro, looks like cramp. Helping to tick the seconds away.

Just a few minutes left - penalties looming!

22:28 , Matt Verri

115 mins: SO CLOSE!

Ball swung in, McNair heads it back across goal and Connolly gets on the end of it but Henderson charges down the flick.

What a chance for Boro to win it!

22:26 , Matt Verri

114 mins: Boro frustrating the hosts, keeping it in the corner.

United lose it again and Connolly can come forward. Fred grabs a hold of him and ensures he’s going nowhere - free-kick and a yellow card. Rain now pouring down at Old Trafford.

22:25 , Matt Verri

112 mins: Jones gives away a cheap free-kick and this is a great chance for Boro to bring the defenders up. Such a dangerous position.

Tavernier’s ball in is poor, but Fry makes something out of it and wins his side a corner.

Great delivery, really well defended to get that away.

22:21 , Matt Verri

109 mins: McTominay into Elanga, back to the midfielder... heavy touch and Middlesbrough can hack it clear.

More pace to the United play at the start of this 15 minutes though, causing problems.

22:19 , Matt Verri

107 mins: CLOSE!

Better from United, as Dalot whips in a great ball. Fernandes diverts it at goal and his header is tipped over - offside flag up anyway.

Back underway!

22:17 , Matt Verri

Here we go then... 15 minutes for either team to find a winner.

If not, we’re going to the spot.


22:15 , Matt Verri

Midway through extra-time - still the teams are level.

Both sets of players looking very tired, not much action at all in those 15 minutes.

Rangnick really won’t want this going to penalties.

22:12 , Matt Verri

104 mins: Short backpass from Jones, Henderson has to scramble and just about gets there in time.

Ronaldo forced wide as he’s played in, plays a ball into the box but it’s palmed away by Lumley. McTominay had made the run into the box but it doesn’t fall for the midfielder.

22:10 , Matt Verri

101 mins: Elanga hauled down on the edge of the box, clear foul.

Referee plays the advantage and Ronaldo gets a shot away from a tight angle, into the side netting. Think United would have preferred the free-kick.

22:08 , Matt Verri

100 mins: Fernandes down after getting a knee in the back, painful blow for him. Looks like he’ll be fine to continue though.

Maguire drives forward and then sends the ball straight out of play. It does at least give United a chance to finally bring Sancho off, and he’s replaced by Mata.

22:06 , Matt Verri

97 mins: McTominay caught on the ball and Middlesbrough can break with numbers as Connolly plays it wide to Watmore.

Tavernier waiting on the edge of the box, Connolly waiting at the far post... finds neither of them as it’s fired across the face of goal.

22:04 , Matt Verri

95 mins: Sancho is back up after a bit of treatment - doubt he’ll be carrying on for much longer though.

Henderson’s clearance is not a good one at all, gets away with it though. Hasn’t had much to do in goal at all, beyond one good save from Crooks. Nothing he could do about the goal.

22:02 , Matt Verri

93 mins: Ronaldo presses Dijksteel and blocks the Boro defender’s clearance.

Uneventful start to extra-time. Sancho looking in real discomfort, not sure why he’s come back out - didn’t look like he was able to continue at the end of 90 minutes.

Back underway!

21:58 , Matt Verri

Jones is on for United, replacing Varane. Sancho going to continue for now.

Connolly and Peltier on for Boro, Taylor and Sporar off.

We are up and running for extra-time!

21:56 , Matt Verri

24 shots for United, eight on target - one goal.

Five shots for Boro, two on target - one goal.

Ronaldo has had eight shots himself, Fernandes five, Rashford six before he went off. But the hosts have been so wasteful in front of goal and the outcome is another 30 minutes of FA Cup action.


21:53 , Matt Verri

Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough

Boro do take it to extra time!

That didn’t look likely at half-time, but Crooks’ controversial equaliser levelled things up.

United had more chances to then win it, couldn’t take them, and we have another 30 minutes to look forward to at Old Trafford.

21:52 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Ball sent to the left, Sancho loses his balance and it’s out of play.

The winger turns to the bench and signals he need to come off - looks like he might be holding his hamstring.

21:50 , Matt Verri

90+2 mins: NEARLY!

Fred and Fernandes combine well, and the Brazilian does really well to find space and stand up a lovely ball to the far post.

Elanga wins the header, gets plenty on it... straight at Lumley. That was a big chance.

21:49 , Matt Verri

90+1 mins: Four minutes added on.

Ronaldo comes wide to get on the ball. Drives inside, desperate to find space for the shot but it doesn’t appear.

Reluctantly wide to Dalot, and his cross into the box is headed away.

21:48 , Matt Verri

89 mins: Shaw with a great run into the box, fires it into the box but Ronaldo can’t quite control it.

Fred’s turn, on the opposite wing, to swing a ball into the box. Elanga gets on the end of it at the near post, too much on the header though and it’s well wide.

Looks like we might be getting another 30 minutes...

21:45 , Matt Verri

87 mins: Home fans getting increasingly irritated, and that’s not helped by McTominay sending a pass straight out of play.

Dalot then does the same. Not happening for United these last five or ten minutes.

21:43 , Matt Verri

85 mins: United keeping the ball patiently at the back and in midfield, but Middlesbrough won’t mind that at all.

Fernandes loses patience and swings a ball into the box from deep, over everyone and out for a goal-kick.

21:40 , Matt Verri

82 mins: Here are some United changes.

Fred and Elanga coming on, Pogba and Rashford off. Probably just over ten minutes, including added-time, left for United to try and find themselves a winner and prevent this going to extra-time.

21:39 , Matt Verri

81 mins: Sancho has been really direct whenever he’s got the ball tonight, one of his best performances since joining the club. Corner United.

Deep ball in from Shaw, Pogba loops a header straight at Lumley.

21:37 , Matt Verri

78 mins: Crooks off for Boro, replaced by Payero.

Rangnick yet to make any changes - not a huge amount on the United bench tonight.

Reminder that there’s no replay should it finish level after 90 minute, this will be decided tonight. Extra-time and penalties if necessary.

How did Fernandes not score?!

21:35 , Matt Verri

21:35 , Matt Verri

76 mins: Fernandes clips a ball towards the back post, Ronaldo is too strong for Dijksteel and brings it down well. Shot from a tight angle is blocked.

Shaw’s tackle keeps the attack going, and it’s played to Fernandes on the edge of the box. Drags an effort horribly wide.

21:32 , Matt Verri


United are doing everything they can not to win this match!

Middlesbrough give it away at the back as Lumley plays a dreadful ball to Howson. Fernandes pounces and has half an empty goal to aim at, but he’s denied by the post!

Ronaldo then squares it to Sancho in the box, but it’s behind the Englishman and Boro can clear.

Big, big moment...

21:30 , Matt Verri

21:29 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Absolutely crazy how quickly this one has turned around.

Sporar is suddenly into the box and is about to get a shot away, but Maguire slides in really well. Could have been 2-1 without that intervention!

21:27 , Matt Verri

68 mins: That is a huge decision, and now United are having to really crank things up. They’ve been completely dominant but Boro have levelled things up.

Ronaldo driving at the defence, tries to play it wide to McTominay but not enough on the pass.

21:24 , Matt Verri

Cross fell to Watmore at the back post, he controlled it but it then bounced up and hit his hand. He’s then lobbed it over Henderson and Crooks has turned it into the empty net from a couple of yards.

Surely ruled out for handball though.

OR NOT! THE GOAL STANDS! Boro are level at Old Trafford!

GOAL! Man United 1-1 Middlesbrough | Matt Crooks 64'

21:23 , Matt Verri

64 mins: This is looking more and more like turning into a nervy conclusion for United.

Boro look dangerous down the right wing, pulled back again to Crooks but this time he’s closed down.


Surely it’s hit Watmore on the hand though? VAR checking it...

21:19 , Matt Verri

61 mins: Wide to Shaw, who has time to clip a ball into the box.

Fernandes and Ronaldo both make the same run, and it’s Ronaldo who heads it over the bar.

Balogun’s first start in a Boro shirt is over, he’s been replaced by Watmore.

21:16 , Matt Verri


They work it wide to the right wing and this time the ball is a better one. Cut back to Crooks on the edge of the box, forces Henderson into a smart save at his near post. Corner Boro.

Tavernier takes, headed away at the near post. Balogun’s cross is then deflected straight to Henderson.

21:15 , Matt Verri

56 mins: Middlesbrough’s final ball has been so, so poor all night. They’ve got into promising positions a few times but Jones has not been able to find Balogun once.

United up the other end, Sancho has been superb tonight. Slides it into Ronaldo, he goes round the goalkeeper... forces himself too wide. Surprised he didn’t go down as he went past Lumley.

21:13 , Matt Verri

54 mins: BIG CHANCE!

The first of the second-half. Lovely ball from Shaw plays in Sancho down the left wing. The winger cuts inside, plays it across goal to Rashford who sends an effort over from a few yards. Had to score.

A minute later, United think they’ve doubled the lead... Ronaldo hammers an effort into the side netting. Fooled the fans.

21:11 , Matt Verri

52 mins: Pogba fires a ball inside the full-back for Rashford to run onto, just too much pace on it though and it’s out for a goal-kick.

Maguire out of defence to win it back for United, wide to Dalot. Poor ball into the box is easily cleared.

21:09 , Matt Verri

50 mins: Low-key start to the half, United not quite having the same amount of space in the final third they enjoyed in the first-half.

The longer this stays 1-0, the more confident Boro will get... and the nervier Old Trafford will become.

21:06 , Matt Verri

47 mins: That will give Boro some hope.

Jones played in with a nice ball round the corner from Balogun. He sends it across the face of goal for the on-loan striker, but Dalot just about cuts it out.

Clearance is not a great one to the edge of the box - fortunately it’s straight to Pogba.

Back underway!

21:04 , Matt Verri

Second-half has begun at Old Trafford.

Long 15 minutes at Old Trafford...

20:58 , Matt Verri

Some first-half stats...

20:53 , Matt Verri

The stats tell the story of a very one-sided opening 45 minutes.

United have had 67% of the ball, 14 shots and six efforts on target.

Boro have had one shot, none on target. They’ve been unable to offer anything really going forward.


20:48 , Matt Verri

Man United 1-0 Middlesbrough

And that’s half-time. United have been brilliant, could easily have been three or four up.

Ronaldo missed a penalty, Fernandes blazed over from close range and Rashford has gone close on several occasions.

As it is, Sancho’s strike is the only goal of the half.


20:47 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Tannoy informs the crowd there will be no food or drink sold at half-time at Old Trafford. That does not go down well! Not sure how an entire stadium’s supplies have disappeared a minute before the break.

One minute added on at the end of the half.

20:44 , Matt Verri

42 mins: Pogba tries a clever turn on the halfway line, but loses his balance and Boro can break.

That is until the Frenchman slides in and brings a swift halt to the counter with a foul. He’s shown the first yellow card of the match - costly attempt at a flick!

20:42 , Matt Verri

40 mins: Really nicely worked. Played out to the edge of the box, Fernandes lets it run and Rashford has a shot from the edge of the box deflected behind.

Another clever routine. This one taken short, Sancho runs at the defender and Rashford is free again. Better effort this time, but straight at Lumley.

20:41 , Matt Verri

39 mins: McTominay plays a lovely ball towards Sancho, his cross is deflected behind for a United corner.

Shaw to whip this one in. Fry flicks it away well, just as Maguire thought he was going to get a header on goal. They’ll get another go though, after good work from Pogba.

20:39 , Matt Verri

37 mins: Sporar holds up the ball and can whip a ball into the box. Again there are three Boro shirts in the box up with him, but again the ball isn’t good enough. Varane cuts it out.

United have another chance to counter, breaks down though as Rashford plays it straight out of play.

How Sancho put United in front...

20:37 , Matt Verri

20:35 , Matt Verri

33 mins: Middlesbrough should really do better.

Jones gets to the byline and has plenty of options in the box, but his ball in is really poor and United can clear.

They break swiftly and Fernandes slides it through to Ronaldo again, his low effort is saved.

And just to round off a crazy 60 seconds, it’s Boro’s turn again to go back on the attack. Balogun goes for goal 20 yards out, high and wide.


20:32 , Matt Verri

30 mins: Boro really on the ropes, being cut open at the back with ease.

Fernandes picks it up in the left-back position, shrugs off a couple of challenges and suddenly he’s away. Plays it through to Ronaldo, effort is dragged wide.

United straight back on the attack, drops to Rashford on the edge of the box who blazes it past Lumley... OFFSIDE! Lovely finish though.

20:30 , Matt Verri

28 mins: United very nearly make a quick-fire double.

Another ball over the top catches Boro over the top, Rashford tries to square it to Ronaldo who would have had a tap-in but doesn’t quite get it right. Lumley out to claim and gets caught by Ronaldo... which he isn’t thrilled about.

GOAL! Man United 1-0 Middlesbrough | Jadon Sancho 25'

20:27 , Matt Verri


Can’t say it hasn’t been coming. Fernandes plays a ball over the top to Sancho and it’s a brilliant first touch from the winger.

Goes on the outside onto his left foot, shot gets a slight deflection and it’s into the far corner. United lead.

Ronaldo can’t convert from the spot

20:25 , Matt Verri

20:25 , Matt Verri

23 mins: Fernandes completely free in the box as Dalot clips a ball over the top... volleys it over the bar!

He was onside too, and had so much time. Rushed it and another chance goes.

How are United not in front?!


20:22 , Matt Verri


Well that is unexpected! Wow. Drags it wide of the post, really poor penalty. Goalkeeper guessed correctly but didn’t have to do anything.

Boro survive.


20:21 , Matt Verri

19 mins: Anthony Taylor won’t get an easier decision than that.

Ball played into Pogba’s path in the box, Dijksteel loses his balance and clearly brings the Frenchman down.

Ronaldo to take it....

20:19 , Matt Verri

17 mins: First corner of the match and it’s for the hosts.

Floated to the back post, Maguire gets on the end of it but there’s no pace on the ball. The centre-back heads it towards goal but it’s harmlessly over the bar - didn’t have much to work with.

20:17 , Matt Verri

15 mins: Great defending from Pogba.

Jones was bursting forward for the visitors and things were starting to open up for him, but Pogba tracks him and comes sliding in to halt his progress.

Boro definitely growing into the match though, increasingly confident in possession.

20:15 , Matt Verri

13 mins: Better from Middlesbrough, starting to cause a bit of a threat when they get the ball.

Balogun very nearly played in as he makes a nice run, but Varane is across to cut it out. Very composed from the Frenchman too, as he’s closed down. Turns out of trouble and United keep the ball.

20:13 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Dalot has space on the right for United and he can bring it forward.

Slide it into Ronaldo’s path in the box, who tries to volley a looped effort towards the far corner. Catches the defender and floats up for Lumley to easily catch.

That early Sancho effort...

20:12 , Matt Verri

20:11 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Free-kick Middlesbrough in a decent position, chance for them to slow things down and bring their defenders forward.

Good ball in, Varane flicks it away. Offside flag up anyway though against the visitors.

20:08 , Matt Verri

6 mins: This has been a wonderful start from United, so much pace.

Rashford does brilliantly to beat a couple of defenders and United have numbers over on the left. Comes to Shaw, he floats it into the box but it’s behind Ronaldo.

That doesn’t put off Ronaldo though who goes for the overhead kick. Great contact but straight at Lumley.

20:06 , Matt Verri

4 mins: Howson goes in late on Pogba with a sliding challenge - welcome back Paul.

Open feel to the match in the opening few minutes and that will very much suit United. Ball through to Rashford, Lumley off his line to claim just in time.

20:04 , Matt Verri

2 mins: WHAT A START!

United hit the bar within 90 seconds. Fry and Lumley make a complete mess of a clipped ball forward and the goalkeeper fumbles the ball.

Falls to Sancho just outside the box, lovely chipped effort... off the bar. Fernandes can’t turn the rebound into the net.


20:02 , Matt Verri

We are underway on FA Cup fourth-round weekend!

20:00 , Matt Verri

Players are out onto the pitch. Rangick and Wilder are laying wreaths, marking Sunday’s anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster.

The United players will also wear black armbands tonight.

19:56 , Matt Verri

Chris Wilder has been insistent his team won’t just try and hold on for the whole game.

“We don’t want to sit back and sit on the crossbar for 95 minutes, otherwise the inevitable will happen.”

All will soon be revealed...

19:48 , Matt Verri

Just over ten minutes to go until kick-off.

There’s been some stumbling performances under Rangnick so far from United, but this could a chance for them to really kick into gear.

Pogba’s first appearance under the interim boss, Ronaldo starting, Fernandes, Rashford, Sancho... no excuses for United tonight.

Warm-ups well underway...

19:39 , Matt Verri

Big names on show...

19:35 , Matt Verri

Rangnick on team selection

19:24 , Matt Verri

The United boss has given his reasoning for starting Pogba and Henderson tonight.

“[Pogba] was good in training, he performed well in training and that’s why we decided to play him from the start.

“With Dean [Henderson] we have a fantastic goalkeeper. His training performances since I arrived have been outstanding and that’s why I decided to give him this game in front of a sold out Old Trafford stadium.

“He more than deserved that.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

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