Man Utd Boss Claims He Has 'Matured' and Is 'More Peaceful' Despite Swipe at Pep Guardiola

David Pepper

​ Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho had claimed he has "matured" as a manager and is now "more peaceful" than he was at the start of his career. But the Portuguese manager still could not resist taking a dig at his rival Pep Guardiola in the process. 

Mourinho has a reputation  of being outspoken at times, a trait that has often landed himself in trouble with the FA. However, he says that he has now learned to switch off at the end of the day and is able to distract himself from the pressure of his job.

In an interview with France Football, he said: "Mourinho the man tries to be the opposite of what the manager is. He tries to be discreet, calm. Find a way to disconnect.

"I can go home and not watch a football game, not think about football. I can do it. At the beginning of my career, I could not. I was constantly connected, 24 hours a day. I had to find a form of maturity.

"Today, I feel good with my personality as a man. I have matured, I am more peaceful. A victory no longer represents the moon, and a defeat hell."

Despite Mourinho's reassurances that he has calmed down, the United boss took a swipe at one of his managerial rivals, Manchester City's Pep Guardiola.

Middlesbrough v Manchester United - Premier League
Middlesbrough v Manchester United - Premier League

Guardiola endured domestic success in Germany with Bayern Munich, winning three Bundesliga titles, but Mourinho could not help himself as he took the opportunity to aim a subtle dig at the Spanish coach.

He added: " In England, clubs are so economically powerful that the market is open to all. Take the example of Bayern in Germany. You know how they win the title every year? The summer before, they buy the best player of Borussia Dortmund. Gotze, then Lewandowski the following year, then Hummels last year.

"Me, I arrive at a club that has a great and prestigious history, but no club in England, whether it's Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, can be dominant permanently. Power has divided."

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