Man Utd fans must accept their share of responsibility for the mess at Old Trafford…

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Manchester United players walk out at Old Trafford. Credit: PA Images
Manchester United players walk out at Old Trafford. Credit: PA Images

The Mailbox argues over whether it is fair to label Man Utd players as ‘snowflakes’. Also: Man City are working miracles in the transfer market.

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Man Utd stars aren’t snowflakes
I find it incredibly funny that the people who often complain of “snowflakes” are the same people who also think the whole world should share their viewpoint and get terribly offended if people disagree.

I don’t believe Man United is filled with “snowflakes” I believe it’s filled with players who are demoralised because when they were bought they signed on the dotted line after being told the club would be competing for major honours. That it’s a historic club with a large and passionate fanbase. And what they actually got was a club which hardly ever competes for a trophy who have been on the slide for a decade filled with a large fanbase of people who will abuse their own players using racism on social media, chase their own club legends out of the club and non stop hurl abuse after every minor mistake.

And those same signings quickly realise they’re going to waste the best part of their careers in this mess. Who wouldn’t feel demoralised by that?

But but they’re paid millions of pounds!

So? Does that mean they have to enjoy a bad situation? Does it make them immune from the psychologies of daily life? Ask millionaire entertainer robin Williams if his money made him feel better about life. They’re not robots, they’re people who just do a job. Treat them as human beings.

Is United a mess? Of course. But as a Liverpool fan I’ve been there as my own club went through the same mess and you know what doesn’t make it better? Abusing the people who you need to get the club out of that mess. At some point fans need to accept they’re at least partly responsible for the toxic atmosphere around the club.

It’s not a team filled with sh*t players. I genuinely think if klopp or guardiola were in charge of that team it would consistently be top 3 and challenge for trophies. I can’t talk for city fans but I’m a member on multiple Liverpool forums and attend matches regularly and I know that when klopp arrived we all gave him time even when results were poor and accepted that in order to get better we would have to spend a few years being sh*t first.

United fans need to cut the unfair and excessive criticism to the club, team and management. The club is radioactive because of you guys and perhaps the reason your struggling to sign players is because they look at how current players (including legends) are treated and think “pass”.


De Jong next? Five world-class players who turned down Manchester United


…To quote contributor Shz, “Perhaps try and be a grown up and separate the point being made from the man making the point. If you agree with the point, that’s ok. It doesn’t make you a monster. It makes you a human capable of rational thought. A rare commodity these days…”

So let’s look at the fact that Manchester United is filled with mentally weak snowflakes and separate it out from the man making the point.

Here are the top 11 United players by starts last season:

David de Gea: Made over 450 appearances and won a Premier League title, FA Cup, League Cup, and the Europa League. Starting Spain keeper in 3 major international competitions. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Bruno Fernandes: 2 time Primera player of the year, Man Utd player of the year, 2019 Euro team of tournament, MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Harry Mcguire: Played every minute of 2017-18, Leicester City player of the year, played every minute of 20019/20 season for United, 2020 Euro Team of Tournament, made his penalty. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Scott McTominay: Started at United’s academy at age 5 and worked through the ranks to achieve a senior debut at age 21. Regular starter for Scotland that just qualified for its first tournament in 23 years, often plays out of position internationally because its helps the team, made both penalties in recent world cup knockout qualifiers. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE (to be fair, few people say that about the rugged looking white guy who runs and scowls a lot, funny that)
Christiano Ronaldo: Haven’t been able to see much about his accomplishments. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Victor Lindelof: Started playing professional football at the age of 15 in the third division of Sweden, 3 Portuguese league titles,regular starter across three major international competitions for a team that always makes it out of the group stage. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Fred: Black man playing in Ukraine where he won 10 trophies and played while a war was occurring, called into Brazil team for last two major tournaments, top player for 2021 Copa America in which Brazil finished second, often lauded for running and effort. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Jadon Sancho: Youngest player ever to score 10 or more goals at Dortmund, 2 time Cup winner including an assist and winner against Bayern, multiple Bundesliga player of the month awards, Euro U-17 player of tournament, 23 senior england appearances by age of 22. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Rafael Varane: Tough to find much on his accomplishments. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 4 time player of the month and 1 time player of the year for Crystal Palace, started almost 70 games in first two United seasons where he easily led united in tackles both seasons with only Fred in shouring distance, finished 4th in tackles last year despite playing significantly less than previous two years. MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE
You know, now that I look at that, it is becoming a little difficult to understand how all of these MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKES have accomplished so much in their careers. Actually, given this new data, I may have to start rethinking whether Manchester United performance issues have to do more with MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKES or maybe perhaps other factors are at play. Tough to say.

I do have to add that the more I type this the more I start to wonder if the term MENTALLY WEAK SNOWFLAKE is just a made up thing that people say without ever giving it much thought. I wonder if they started saying it because some columnist, TV personality, or internet sensation said it and they thought it sounded cool and started saying it because it made them feel cool. Or maybe even more it made them feel superior to these clearly weaker snowflakes. Then I start wondering if those same people would have the audacity to write in defending the use of such a term and say that people that get mad are just angry that a terrible person is “telling it like it is”. Then my brain hurts.
Greg, Tampa, FL


…Another week and another mailbox telling off from Shz. Over the past few months I’ve learnt how as an Englishman and football fan I deserve bad treatment from foreign police forces because all England fans are hooligans. I’ve had my own hypocrisy revealed to me when I thought Qatar deserved criticism for winning a world cup through bribery and treating its workers like modern slaves, turns out the evil done by other nations makes that irrelevant. I’ve been educated of the history of colonialism in Africa and how that means we can’t question support for a regime in Rwanda that murders its own citizens and suppresses dissent.

Most recently Shz has explained how football players are mentally weak, and you can tell which ones are mentally weak because they don’t play well and lose more often. Here was me thinking mental health is a complex issue and that its understandable for some young men to struggle with the weight of responsibility and expectation of millions, but no, I should have just waited for Shz and that half melted ham off the telly box to enlighten me. Now I know, as long as you have lots of cash in the bank then you’re immune to mental health issues. I best get saving.

I look forward to future lessons on why I have no right to oppose tiger poaching without first writing a formal apology for England’s 18th century subjugation of India, and the surely riveting series of lectures on the long shadow of western imperialism and how this has directly effected the quality of football journalism in the UK
Dave, Manchester


I stand with Piers
I’m with Shz on this one. F365 have put me in a position in agreeing with Piers Morgan. Seriously, agreeing with Piers F£&@“?! Morgan.

I’m not even asking what next.FFS.
Wayne. (I’m more p*ssed that I have to agree with Piers than being a Man U fan. At least being a fan is funny)

You are the DoF
Why aren’t Man Utd going for Tielemans? Why didn’t they go for Bissouma? Those two plus Eriksen would give you one FDJ plus change ( even in wages too). If we’re real about our 200 mill budget which hasn’t been supplemented by player sales ( mata, matic, pogba, Lingard have all left on a free and you could easily have couped what we paid for pogba out of those ) and we have saved so much on wages especially if we get rid of Ronaldo that is well over 1 mill in wages saved. Bringing in more Brunos and less Pogbas is where our head should be at. Low risk and wages bringing the bill down and working hard for their money.

If it was me this is what I would do ( basically FM) 200 mill budget

GK – DDG/DH – Sell Henderson now for 20 mill keep De Gea for however long till he can leave on a free by which time we can be done with his 300k wages and buy a replacement goalie. Hendo unfortunately isn’t a ETH keeper but Oblak’s contract is expiring soon and Navas must get bored of the PSG bench (albeit both probably on crazy money but not DDG money, we have the highest paid players in the league in position. Madness)

RB – AWB/Dalot – sell both. If we could fetch 50 for the pair that would allow us to sign a lamptey and promote laird and Williams as cover for both positions (Williams)

LB – Malancia/Telles/Shaw – well I wouldn’t have touched this area but now we have malancia I would sell telles, should be able to get 20-30 (kitty at 300 mill now).

CB – Maguire/Varane/Bailly/Lindelof – I would sell maguire if we could but the only team dumb enough to take him doesn’t have the money (barca) would get rid of bailly because he’s crocked again recouping close to what we paid for him (20 mill or so). In his place I would sign someone either classy or prem proven. Whilst the sentiment is nice that ETH wants to play with players he knows. Surely he needs players that know the league too. In that case I would have gone for Fofana, don’t mind the Martinez links as he could provide cover for CDM too.

CDM – no one really but Fred/Mctominay at a push – Would sign bissouma for 25 mill here. Simple and he may not be a pure destroyer but he could be moulded and helped out.

CM/CAM – Bruno/Eriksen/VDB – looks like this is the first area where we’ve done some sensible business. Eriksen is prem proven and Eredivisie certified. Wealth of experience and knows how to pass managers ethos on so no need to waste money on FDJ. Tielemans also would be getting snapped up. This would allow us to play with a 3 in midfield, a diamond etc.. be tactically flexible.. even Bruno as a false 9 ..

Forwards ( because all our players apart from sancho and elanga aren’t wingers) – Sancho/Ronaldo/Elanga/Rashford/Martial – Ronaldo should go, any board with sense would just allow him to leave for a fee now and also getting rid of his wages and also accelerate what is happening next year anyway and allow ETH to implement what he wants without that pressure too. Would I replace him. Well you have belotti on a free so no and all the generational strikers (Haaland nunez mbappe) have just signed long contracts.. everyone else (David, Martinez, kane, vardy, isak) are either too risky or too old. Wait a year until we will have a bonfa fide person we want and have scouted thoroughly. I would sell martial too but no point if we wouldn’t replace Ronaldo.

So that way we have signed 55 extra mill of players in midfield and Martinez for 30-40 in defence bringing are summer spend to just over 100 with 5 players replacing the 5 that went and 1 leaving too. I would wait to replace our two best performers (DDG & Ronaldo) we have got ourselves in this mess by relying on foreign imports and over priced prem players and people we haven’t properly scouted. So let’s turn that around. Next year is transition anyway so lets take advantage of that and trust the process lol

Francis (Surrey)

Malacia mistake
Man United have just announced the signing of Tyrell Malacia, presumably to be fielded in the left back position. The question many of us are asking is, is this £12.9M signing better than what we have got at the moment in Luke Shaw? United have not learned from the past errors. What is the point of signing cheap marginal players most of whom only make it to he bench at best? Of course, United’s demonstrated approach is to spend little to nothing and keep the funds for things other than football while the entire competition is spending big on quality, top or 1st Tier players. Man, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea are all signing high quality players. A related question must further be asked- is United a footbal Club or a business oriented money making entity? The situation is very sad.
Professor (Dr) David Achanfuo Yeboah

Kevin De Bruyne with Erling Haaland Credit: PA Images
Kevin De Bruyne with Erling Haaland Credit: PA Images

Man City working miracles
Man City are swapping squad players Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling for Europes best young striker Erlling Haaland and South Americas best young forward Julian Alverez.

They have sold Jesus and Sterling for a combined fee of around £90m and are buying Haaland and Alverez for a combined fee of £65m.

Jesus and Sterling would have left for free next year, Haaland and Alverez have 5 year deals.

Jesus is 25 and Sterling is 27 and have both won lots in their 5+ successful years at City, Haaland and Alverez are 21 and 22.

This reminds me of what Fergerson used to do, improve while you are winning, don’t be afraid to sell players at there “peak” if you get good money (i.e. Jaap Stam, David Beckham, Paul Ince…).

Compare this with Chelsea, Arsenal or Man U who bought players in their “peak” like Lukaku, Aubameyang and Pogba of which Pogba and Aubameyang has already gone for free hence costing Man U £89m and Arsenal £56m, and Lukaku is out on loan and by the time that finishes the nearly 30 year old will probably be sold for 25% of the near £100m they paid for him.

And to all those saying that Man City have made their rivals stronger, who cares? Its not like Arsenal and Chelsea would not just have bought someone of a similar or better quality. Compare the £45m Man City got for Jesus and Sterling to the £27m Liverpool got for Mane who instead of being just a squad player was arguably one of the top 3 players in the league and of course will not make one of their Premier League rivals stronger but will make one of their Champions League rivals stronger.

It’s a miracle what Man City have done…
Paul K, London

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