Man Utd told ‘it’s impossible’ for signing to ‘play identically to glory years’ but ‘he will adapt’

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Man Utd advised on Casemiro Credit: PA Images
Man Utd advised on Casemiro Credit: PA Images

Man Utd have been told by a Spanish football expert that “it is impossible” for Casemiro to play for them as he did for Real Madrid.

The midfielder was one of United’s marquee signings during the summer transfer window.

His arrival came out of nowhere as Man Utd were previously focusing their time on persuading Frenkie de Jong to join them from Real Madrid.

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This ultimately came to no avail so they targeted Casemiro as a cheaper alternative.

The total fee for De Jong would have been around £74m, while Casemiro could cost United as much as £60m. 

The 30-year-old is a great signing on paper as he is recognised as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

He has also won the Champions League on five occasions. He is now having a crack at adding the Europa League to his trophy cabinet with Man Utd.

Spanish football expert Graham Hunter is “very hopeful” that Casemiro will be able to “adapt to what’s around him” at United:

“Unique is a big word, but Real Madrid’s style is so unique that it’s impossible that Casemiro plays identically to how he’s done in his glory years with them,” Hunter said.

“I don’t think that’s the way he’s going to be asked to play at United, though.

“I’m very hopeful that he will adapt to what’s around him. He’s proven to be a genuine winner.

“He has been central to a Real Madrid side which has been there or thereabouts in La Liga and the Champions League for a long time.”

Up to now, Casemiro has made three substitute appearances for Man Utd in the Premier League.

Earlier this week he made his full debut for the Red Devils as they were beaten 1-0 by Real Sociedad in their first Europa League group game.

Hunter went onto suggest that Casemiro is “not a dirty player” but he “brings street smarts and cojones in midfield”:

“He is a player who will unquestionably balance up making a foul and the wider cost, but it’s absolutely wrong to call him a dirty player,” Hunter later said in his interview with Man Utd’s official website.

“He’s been sent off twice – and once was for refusing to back up for a free-kick, so he’s not a dirty player.

“He brings street smarts and cojones in midfield, he’s got a good physique, he’s pretty damn good aerially at both ends, so he’s tremendously well equipped.

“The Premier League can be buzz-bomb relentless, so it takes any player time to adapt, whether they’re magical like Casemiro or not; but for aggression, mentality and character then United have definitely got the right guy.”


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