Managers: 'Astonishing' strike


Chelsea 0-2 Newcastle

Roberto Di Matteo: "It's going to be difficult now for us to reach fourth spot. We'll keep pushing though until it's impossible. We won't give up. We've lost many points during this season. Looking back over the whole season, that's why we're in the position we are. We've been pushing the players for the last two months and they've responded extremely well. Tonight, we have to give credit to Newcastle. They did well and played a very good game against us. They have a player in their team at the moment that, whatever he touches, it goes in."

Alan Pardew: "An astonishing goal. We were seeing the game out at 1-0. I thought we'd get home with the goal that we had, but Cisse took a chance. You could see he meant it and he hit it absolutely true. It means so much to win here after 18 attempts. The players should be immensely proud. It was an unbelievable performance. It'll be special on Sunday (against Manchester City). A team challenging for the title against a team challenging for the Champions League. If someone had said that at the start of the season, we wouldn't have believed them."

Bolton 1-4 Tottenham

Owen Coyle: ''We were more than right in it, we were the team on top, but my frustration is this was self-inflicted, as good as Tottenham are. We shot ourselves in the foot. In a two-minute period we cost ourselves a game we could easily have won. But there are positives to take from the game, from going against a team playing for Champions League football. We made them look second best for periods of that game."

Harry Redknapp: ''It was an important game for us and I thoguht we played ever so well in the first half - we dominated it from start to finish. We came in only 1-0 up, could have been two or three. But credit to Bolton they came out second half and came at us a bit more, got the ball forward and they got the goal. At that stage the crowd was with them and they suddenly had a great little spell. It looked like they were the more likely team but we then showed fantastic ability on the break, pace, and really punished them.''

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