The Mandalorian's Ming-Na Wen Reveals Star Wars 'Security' In Funny IG Video

 The Mandalorian Ming-Na Wen character poster.
The Mandalorian Ming-Na Wen character poster.

Ming-Na Wen recently celebrated a milestone birthday, with the Star Wars actress turning 60 years old. (Hard to believe, am I right?) While her big day was back in November, she shared that she received the most epic present from her husband, and it made for a funny social media video about her “new security system.”

The actress is well known for playing the bounty hunter Fennec Shand on The Mandalorian (and additionally appearing in The Book of Boba Fett and in animation form on The Bad Batch) among other great roles in Mulan and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Check out what Ming-Na Wen shared on Instagram:

Wen revealed an epic life-size statue of herself casually hanging out in the front of her home in the new video. She cleverly called it her “security system,” which fits considering how Fennec is such a protective character in the Star Wars universe. In the funny social media video, Ming-Na Wen passes by the statue as she enters her house before teasing that an explanation for the whole thing is in another post. Take a look:

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The Mandalorian gripping chair

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As Ming-Na Wen explained, she has a life-sized bronze statue of Fennec in her possession because her husband had it commissioned for her 60th birthday. Best. Husband. Ever. As she shared, he was able to get the statue, which was carved from clay, done in secret in order to surprise the actress. Of course, if he had asked her to do a mold of her body he would have given the secret away, so it was created from a picture reference instead.

While it didn’t arrive in time for her actual birthday back in November, it did reach her doorstep last week where her husband and some of their “dearest friends” were present for the big reveal. As Ming-Na Wen additionally explained on her Instagram post, it was the perfect present because Star Wars has always meant so much to her. Though don’t expect it to be hanging out on her front porch forever. She said they found a solid home for it in their media room instead!

It’s an amazing birthday present for sure. Ming-Na Wen really knows how to celebrate birthdays, too, considering last year she went to Club 33 at Disneyland for the occasion. The statue was definitely a great idea, as she’s one of a handful of actresses thriving hard after 50.

The latest Star Wars news is that a movie called The Mandalorian & Grogu is in the works. We don’t know right now if Ming-Na Wen is in the movie but we’ll keep you updated about what we know about The Mandalorian movie as more developments are released, here on CinemaBlend. Happy belated to Ming-Na Wen!