Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui Collaborate on Limited-edition Varsity Jacket and Snapshot Bag

Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui, who have been friends for more than 30 years, are once again collaborating on a limited-edition offering — a varsity jacket and Snapshot bag — commemorating Jacobs’ 40th anniversary in business and honoring the enduring friendship between the two designers.

“Marc and I have been friends forever. This collaboration has been such a privilege to work on. There is nothing better than creating with a friend,” said Sui.

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In an accompanying video, Sui said the earliest memory she has of Jacobs was when she noticed “this really cute, stylish guy at Charivari” where he worked, but didn’t know who he was. WWD then started talking about this new designer and “he was just the rage,” she said. The duo started hanging out together when she did her first show in 1991 and WWD interviewed them together. And although there were two other designers there, “Marc and I really bonded,” said Sui.

Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui are collaborating on a Varsity Jacket and Snapshot Bag.

The two products feature illustrations by Will Broome, a longtime collaborator known for creating the Miss and Mister Marc characters. The Miss Marc graphic was first introduced in the early 2000s, and now, these characters return in a playful reimagining of iconic products from the brands’ history, blending Jacobs and Sui’s playful aesthetics.

The Snapshot Bag.
Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui are collaborating on the Snapshot bag.

“It’s us together, having a good time,” Sui said of the depictions, calling each other Marky Sue and Annie Sue. She added that people will really want to own it as a keepsake.

The varsity jacket is $1,995 and the Snapshot bag is $350. Products go on sale Thursday. The two products are available at and

This is the second drop in a yearlong series of special collaborations that were introduced with a bespoke lipstick by Pat McGrath in February.

Jacobs and Sui have collaborated several times in the past, including most recently in 2023 for Heaven by Marc Jacobs (an additional collaboration is dropping later this year), where Sui reimagined the fairy wings from her spring 1997 collection as a limited-edition reissue for Heaven. In 2018, Sui and Jacobs collaborated on a 15-piece collection of Ts, bags, shoes and key chains, filled with colorful graphics and cheerful colors, also featuring illustrations by Broome.

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