March Madness 2017: USC's Elijah Stewart calls out statistician Ken Pomeroy ... again

This is not the first time Stewart has called out KenPom.

Ken Pomeroy is great. He runs a well-organized, thoroughsite that breaks down college basketball teams with minute and intricate detail that is pretty unmatched. Everyone loves it.

Well, everyone exceptUSC junior guard Elijah Stewart.

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In the locker room following the No. 11 seed Trojans' upset over No. 6 seed SMU on Friday, Stewart, who scored 22 points in the win, called out Pomeroy for his website's analysis of USC.

"Hey, tag the post man," Stewart told a reporter, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Your guy who used to work for the quote-unquote government. KenPom."

Pomeroy did formerly work for the government, but not as a postal worker. He was a meteorologist before he decided to quit and focus on his website fulltime.

The jabs are in reference to a previous spat Stewart had with Pomeroy earlier this season. Stewart was upset that listed USC as the luckiest team statistically in college basketball (they are now eighth).

"Unless Jesus runs that site, it’s not very credible to me,” Stewart said at the time. “If you’re so good at telling the future, work for the government.”

Pomeroy, via Twitter, responded, informing Stewart he hadindeedworked for America's government, literally working in a field that predicted the future.

Following the exchange, Stewart started referring to Pomeroy as "The Post Man."

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The barbs haven't led to Pomeroy tweaking his formula in favor of USC. His site still has them as theworst team remaining in the Round of 32.

It looks like it's up to Stewart and his teammates to once again prove the Post Man wrong.

The Trojans take on No. 3 seed Baylor on Sunday.

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