Marlins pitcher Daniel Castano OK after hit in head by 104 mph line drive

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Miami Marlins pitcher Daniel Castano is OK after he was drilled in the head by a 104 mile per hour line drive on the mound on Thursday afternoon.

Castano was pitching for the Marlins in the first inning of their 7-6 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday when Donovan Solano hit a line drive right back at him. The ball hit Castano right in the bill of his cap before hitting him in the head.

Castano stayed down for quite some time, clearly shaken up, before he walked off the field on his own. It doesn’t appear that he lost consciousness for very long, if at all.

The team later said a CT scan was normal, and that Castano had a concussion and a bruised forehead.

“I’m not sure what happened,” Castano said, via The Associated Press. “I was down for a second. I was a little out of it. When I woke up, I asked, ‘What happened?’ I’m much better now. I’m a little bit tired, but I’ll be all right.”

Solano was just the fifth batter that Castano had faced on Thursday in Cincinnati before he went down.

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"It is really awful to see that happen to anyone," Reds manager David Bell said, via The Associated Press. "I've seen it happen before. I had a conversation to see that everything was OK. It is just a major relief to hear that. It's very scary for everyone involved, certainly for their pitcher and their home team and our team. You almost want to stop playing the game. When he was kneeling and walked off on his own, we all felt a little better.''

It’s unclear how long Castano will be sidelined.

Despite falling into a 1-0 hole early, the Marlins rallied back to take the one-run win after scoring three in the final inning. It gave them the series split in against the Reds, and marked their fourth win in seven games.

But, perhaps more importantly to Castano, Miami still made the play when he went down.

“I’m just glad we got the out,” Castano said, via The Associated Press.

Miami Marlins catcher Jacob Stallings checks on pitcher Daniel Castano\
Miami Marlins catcher Jacob Stallings checks on pitcher Daniel Castano after he was hit by a line drive by Cincinnati Reds' Donovan Solano during the first inning of their game on Thursday. (AP/Jeff Dean)