Marsau has me shaking my head in new Love & Marriage: Huntsville midseason trailer

 Marsau smirking in Love & Marriage: Huntsville
Marsau smirking in Love & Marriage: Huntsville

After taking a hiatus from new episodes for weeks, Love & Marriage: Huntsville season 6 is finally set to return to TV on Saturday, September 16, at 8 pm ET/PT on OWN. This latest news comes as the network released the midseason 6 trailer. Having watched it, all I can do is literally shake my head at show vet Marsau Scott.

Over the years, Marsau has managed to rub many viewers the wrong way with the slick jabs he throws at his fellow castmates, including his wife Tisha. He has a knack for saying things that make me question if he knows the words coming out of his mouth could be considered very disrespectful. Whether he knows or not, or simply doesn't care, his special way with the English vocabulary appears to continue in the new episodes and cause drama for his wife, brother and friends, and will probably lead viewers to roll their eyes more times than they can count.

For starters, looking at the clip, Marsau apparently manages to make statements that have a few of the husbands upset in Huntsville. KeKe's husband (who is a new face to the cast) and Stormi's husband Courtney, both discuss taking exception with the way Marsau addresses their wives.

Talking out of turn to the married ladies of the show was something Marsau was confronted about in the first part of the season when Louis approached him about talking to Tiffany. It looks like Marsau forgot all about the expected etiquette within their group. He was even so bold as to make another shady remark to Tiffany, this time about her "not used to being valued," which I'm sure won't go over well when the scene plays out in its entirety.

Then there's Marsau’s ability to annoy his current/former business partners. Allegedly, Marsau has been talking to the streets of Huntsville and making disparaging comments in regard to him being the sole owner of Scope now, which offends Martell who feels there would be no Scope without him and Melody. When Martell confronts Marsau, Marsau seems rather unapologetic and even claims Martell owes him money.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling aspect of Marsau in this trailer has to be his conversations with Tisha. When she hints at the idea she could possibly be pregnant, his response is for her to get a "blood test" if she's pregnant because he's had a vasectomy.

Then in a separate scene, he asks his wife if she's ever stepped outside their marriage. This whole innuendo of infidelity on Tisha's part is laughable. For several seasons now, he's been the one facing allegations of cheating and now he's seemingly turning the tables on Tisha? I had to make sure I wasn't in The Twilight Zone. By the way, I can't forget to add that in the new episodes, rumors about Marsau being unfaithful are circulating among the group again.

With all that said, the fact I focused on all the drama Marsau brings to the second half of the season should say a lot. Especially when you consider the trailer showed KeKe throwing a drink in Tisha's face, Martell giving Melody flowers when he supposedly has been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 dating Shereé Whitfield, Tiffany and Louis having problems post-baby and Nell and Chris apparently getting more airtime with the cast.

While we'll all have to wait and see just how much conflict Marsau manages to kick up in the new episodes, the midseason 6 trailer definitely has me on high alert. Check out the clip below.

New episodes of Love & Marriage: Huntsville season 6 again start airing on TV on Saturday, September 16, at 8 pm ET/PT on OWN. You can catch up with the first part of the season over on Max