Martha Stewart's favorite 'lazy girl' pasta dish only calls for 3 simple ingredients

Martha Stewart in November 2023
Martha Stewart revealed her favorite "lazy girl" pasta dish to Business Insider. Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
  • Martha Stewart revealed her favorite "lazy girl" pasta dish to Business Insider.

  • She recommends making cacio e pepe, which only needs butter, pepper, and Parmesan or Pecorino.

  • Stewart also recommends making pasta with three types of garlic: fried, fresh, and roasted.

Sometimes even Martha Stewart doesn't want to whip up an elaborate dinner. And when she's craving something simple, she always turns to pasta.

Stewart recently sat down with Business Insider to discuss her new holiday-themed "Dunkintini" cocktail recipe with Dunkin', and also revealed her favorite "lazy girl" pasta dish.

"The easiest thing to make good is a really good pasta, it's so easy to not mess that up," Stewart said. "You can just do a cacio e pepe — just pepper, butter, and Parmesan or Pecorino cheese, that is the best pasta."

"And use really good pasta, always have good dried pasta on hand so that you can cook up a pound of it," she added. "People adore it, everybody adores it."

Cacio e Pepe
Cacio e pepe pasta traditionally features black pepper, butter, and Pecorino cheese. Alexander Prokopenko/Shutterstock

Stewart's website has a recipe for cacio e pepe with lemon if you want to amp up the flavor even more. The dish features two types of cheeses — Pecorino Romano to top off the pasta and Grana Padano for the silky sauce — and adds lemon for "acidity and freshness."

Of course, it's not the only quick pasta dish Stewart has up her sleeve.

For another easy pasta dish that the lifestyle icon said is "so delicious," she recommends combining three types of garlic — fried, fresh, and roasted — with some olive oil as a quick pasta sauce.

Stewart also loves whipping up her version of Pasta al Limone, which features either spaghetti or capellini pasta, "a little bit of butter," a lemon rind, lemon juice, and Parmesan cheese.

"It couldn't be easier and everyone loves it," Stewart said. "And if you want to make it very special, top it with a big dollop of the best caviar."

Looking for more recipe inspiration? Here's the five dishes Stewart thinks everyone should learn how to make.

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