Mask order back as flu cases hit highest ever levels at Herefordshire hospitals

Hereford County Hospital
Hereford County Hospital

PATIENTS and visitors are again being asked to mask up at Herefordshire's hospitals as flu cases rise to Herefordshire's highest ever levels.

They are also being asked not to attend hospital if feeling unwell

Wye Valley NHS Trust said inpatient flu cases have risen to high levels not seen before in Herefordshire.

With an increasing number of children and adults admitted to Hereford County Hospital in the last few weeks with flu, and other respiratory viruses including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the Trust is also calling on visitors not to attend hospital if they fell unwell.

Lucy Flanagan, chief nursing officer at Wye Valley NHS Trust, said: “We are seeing high numbers of inpatients in our hospitals with the flu virus, at levels we have not seen previously, and some patients have combined flu and COVID-19/RSV respiratory viruses.


"We have a duty of care to our patients and it is important that patients and visitors to our hospitals/clinics wear a face mask to help protect themselves and other patients from these viruses. Our staff are encouraging patients and visitors to wear a face mask, unless they are medically exempt.

“We’re also urging visitors not to attend hospital if they feel unwell, have a respiratory virus/symptoms, COVID-19/symptoms, or sickness/diarrhoea (unless 48 hours free of symptoms), in order to help protect patients, particularly the vulnerable patients who are in our care.

“We’re also calling on the public to consider NHS alternatives including your GP, pharmacist and NHS 111, if it is not a medical emergency, as our emergency department is very busy with increased attendances and emergency patient admissions”.

Visitors who feel unwell and/or have flu symptoms, COVID-19/symptoms, or other virus symptoms, should not attend hospital. If you have sickness/diarrhoea do not visit hospital until you are at least 48 hours free of symptoms.

The trust wishes to thank patients and visitors for their understanding during this period.

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