Masters 2017: Explaining Bubba Watson's weight loss and pink golf balls

If you're watching The Masters, you might be wondering why Bubba Watson is using a pink ball.

If you're watching The Masters and you're not a regular golf viewer, you might be wondering why Bubba Watson looks so skinny. He look thinner because he has made it an effort to shed some pounds in recent years.

According to ESPN's telecast of the Masters on Thursday, Watson has lost about 15-20 pounds after cleaning up his diet. He recently spoke about how he lost so much weight.

"Actually, I’m eating small meals more times,"Watson said to Golfweekin March. "I threw in fish for the first time, a lot of chicken. Normally I don’t like eating on the golf course, but we made these little protein balls. No chips. I haven’t had a chip probably in three or four months. So it’s just things like that. The stuff everybody loves? I just cut it out. So I’m basically just bitter at the world.”

He now reportedly weighs about175 pounds.

Also, if you're watching Watson, you might be wondering...

Why is Bubba Watson playing with pink golf balls?

This isn't something he's doing just for the big event. He's actually been using colorful balls throughout 2017 after teaming up with Volvik. The golf-ball company offers Watsonpink, pearl blue/white and green balls for the golfer to use, and he likes the variation.

"I was naturally intrigued by the colors Volvik offers,” Watson said in January. “Then I started testing the ball and saw what I could do with it. It does everything I want it to: go high, go low, curve, spin and it has the distance I’m looking for. I’m always trying to find new ways to grow the game and have fun out there and Volvik’s approach is the same. I couldn’t be more excited to have a colorful start to the year with Volvik!

''If we're going to challenge ourselves, let's challenge ourselves to make something that's really off the wall, that's still playable. Companies I want to be with are ones that let me have an influence and let me in on the decision-making.''

So there you have it.

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