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What’s the prognosis for Ellen Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy presence? Who’s saddling up on NCIS? Will CSI: Vegas duo put their feelings under the microscope? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

What’s the status on Ellen Pompeo, Scott Speedman and Kate Walsh this season on Grey’s Anatomy? –Matheus
“I won’t say how many episodes [Pompeo and Speedman] recur in,” showrunner Meg Marinis tells TVLine, “but I will say it’ll be really fun to see when they pop up.” As for Walsh, “I can’t answer definitively, but there are always opportunities for Kate to come back. It’s just that with a shortened season [and the fact that] all of our past actors are not only popular characters but working actors… trying to schedule things” can be an insurmountable challenge. “So it’s not a lack of love of [Addison], it’s just making things work in a 10-episode season” (premiering Thursday, March 14 at 9/8c).

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My question is regarding Ghosts. Will any other ghosts be discovered on the property or nearby? –Sharon
Let’s just say you don’t want to miss this Thursday’s episode. Plus, the séance to bring back Flower takes an unexpected turn.

Any scoop on Fire Country? –Casey
If things have been getting a bit too close for comfort for Gabriela and Bode, the next episode (airing Friday, March 14) will present the bride-to-be with an opportunity put some actual miles between her and her ex.

Can you ask the creators of All American what they think of a time jump? Not like five or 10 years, just their final year of college. I think the entire audience agrees it’s needed. –Eddie
Fans who are clamoring for a substantial-ish time jump will seemingly be rewarded when the CW series returns for Season 6 on Monday, April 1 — though showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll is reluctant to say precisely how big the leap forward will be. “We know there’s a time jump. No one needs to know how long the time jump is until they see the episode,” she shares, hinting at the very least that “it’s been a minute” since Olivia first jetted off to London. That said, “we won’t keep our audience waiting long. They’ll find out fairly quickly in Episode 1 just how long it’s been.”

Is there any information you can share about the new season of FBI? In particular anything else about OA’s new romance? –Leah
In the same March 12 episode that guest-stars Rookie Blue alum Charlotte Sullivan and in which things become tense between OA and Gemma (in the aftermath of her friend’s death), former Scorpion front man Elyes Gabel guest-stars as a Hassan, a man who factors into the Case of the Week (involving a local Islamic center).

Instinct Cancelled Finale Recap
Instinct Cancelled Finale Recap

Where is Instinct Season 2 streaming ? –Greta
If Alan Cummings’ vibrant turn as host of The Traitors (U.S.) has you itching to check out the CBS procedural he led for two seasons… well, you won’t find it “free” anywhere. But episodes are available to rent/buy on Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu and YouTube.

What’s up with Season 2 of Peacock’s Based on a True Story? It was renewed in October and I haven’t heard any production news about the sophomore run. Is it still in the works? –Mason
Season 2 is absolutely still in the works; in fact, a little birdie tells me filming will start in May.

Thony’s alliance with Nadia on The Cleaning Lady has me intrigued. Any scoop on what’s next?Yolanda
Co-showrunner Jeannine Renshaw confirms that the ladies’ newfound partnership will be “quite the rollercoaster” as Season 3 unfolds, with some “wonderful, dramatic scenes and episodes” — none of which, she points out, will be framed as simply two women fighting over the same man. “They’re the only two people that can do this job of looking for Arman, this man they both love,” she says. “But they have a real, honest relationship, and they definitely say the things they think and feel.”

Have you heard anything about when My Life Is Murder Season 4 will premiere in the U.S.? –Mary
A date has not yet been set, but I hear you should expect a summertime premiere on Acorn TV.

Is there any possibility of CSI: Vegas‘ Josh and Allie finally admitting their feelings for each other? –Jessica
Well, in addition to what Matt Lauria already teased about the next new episode (airing March 17), he also shared that in this season’s seventh and eighth episodes, Josh’s “relationship with Allie gets a little bit more complicated,” in that the overlap between “our professional relationship and our personal relationship continues to be challenging — but in a new way.”

Really enjoyed the first season of Moonshine on The CW. Any word on if The CW plans on importing future seasons? It is currently in it’s third season after all! –Bonnie
Seasons 1 and 2 of the Jennifer Finnigan-led comedy are available on There is always the chance that Season 2 will eventually also air on The CW, but I have no news in that front at this time.

Any news about Station 19‘s Robert and Andy? –Moozanna
Though Robert is now with Natasha, he and ex-wife Andy still “are always there for each other,” showrunner Zoanne Clack tells TVLine. Adds fellow showrunner Peter Paige: “They share a deep and powerful connection, and that will be reflected in these 10 episodes. That does not necessarily mean that it will manifest in a way that anybody expects or wants it to” — in other words, don’t hold your breath for a hookup! — “but they share a profound place in each other’s lives.” The seventh and final season of Station 19 premieres on ABC Thursday, March 14, at 10 pm.

Any scoop on The Way Home? –Jesus
Asked if we’ll find out why Jacob has been in the past for so long or if he ever tried to get home to the present, his portrayer Spencer Macpherson reassures TVLine, “Answers will come, absolutely. To quote the show, ‘the pond takes you where you need to go,’ and I think there’s definitely a reason why Jacob was sent here, and that’ll be unpacked as we move forward.”

Do you have more news on upcoming episodes of NCIS? –BK
During my recent set visit (for the franchise’s 1,000th episode), co-showrunner Steven D. Binder teased, “Every 200 episodes, we like to put somebody on a horse. So we’re going to be doing that.” Bonus scoop: For those wanting a bit more on the “alien” episode (airing April 1, natch) that I teased last week, Binder specifically told me, “We have an episode where the team finds something that appears out-of-this-world.”

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