Mauricio Pochettino insists Tottenham dinner was a tactical move - and he paid the bill

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Mauricio Pochettino and his Spurs players
Mauricio Pochettino and his Spurs players

Three weeks after the transfer window closed, Tottenham’s outfield signings have all made their debuts – but the process of assimilating the new men into the squad and helping them to quickly perform at their best is an ongoing process.

With that in mind, Mauricio Pochettino has done his best to help them settle in.

On Wednesday night, 50 members of Spurs’ squad and staff went out for dinner at Beast restaurant in Chapel Place, London as a bonding exercise – and Pochettino picked up the tab.

“It’s only a few weeks that the [new players] are involved in the dynamic of the team, of the club,” he said. “There are different examples in the world – like Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid.

“He came from Juventus and only after six months he started to perform in the way that he could play, and he was really criticised. Only time, we need time.

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“We need time for the players that we signed to engage with everyone, to know everything. But I think we’re strong, I’m so happy with my squad.

“The problem is that when you compete, the competition doesn’t understand that you need time, that you need to engage everything. You need time to create a good dynamic – not only tactics but outside too.

“On Wednesday we had a dinner in a restaurant in London, with all the staff and players. I paid the bill at the end! That is true.

“When I pay, I pay good! Good restaurant, good food, good wine. It was in between English food and steak from Spain and Australia – and Argentine wine, which is the best!”

Pochettino continued: “It’s important because do you prefer to say ‘tactical work here in the morning’, or do you prefer to go out like the other night and put all the staff, the players and the chairman in a restaurant? That is tactics too.

“It’s so important, just as it is important to work on the pitch – to know better in between them, to speak in a different way.

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Mauricio Pochettino
Mauricio Pochettino

“That creates links between them and emotion – and then when you must fight in a competition, there’s always a willingness to help more your team-mates and care more for them and care more for the gaffer that pays the bill!

“It’s so important and we need time to engage everything, to have different alternatives to play and try to win. In the end, that’s the principle objective.

“We always try to find a way to stay together out of the training ground because [the atmosphere] is so different – all that happens is different. But it’s so difficult because here in England it’s difficult to find a day or night all together.

“It’s such a busy schedule that we have because we play every two or three days and then all are away for the international break so it’s impossible.

“It was a very good day to stay all together outside and laugh and share in a different atmosphere.”

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