'Mayweather of Uganda' Golola Moses vows to change 'ghetto youth' by growing kickboxing

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Golola Moses has become a national celebrity in Uganda through a combination of his immense personality and a career in kickboxing.

However, with the fighter recently turning 43 years old, it's fair to say that his days as a top contender are coming to an end.

The Ugandan is now turning his attention to the next generation as he looks to inspire future fighters and champions in the 'Pearl of Africa'.

"I love talent and I believe in talent," he told Planet Sport. "This made me create a foundation, an academy, to see how I can raise up other champions.

"Gola Moses can live forever but can't fight forever. I want to thank god that through kickboxing, I am a celebrity, I'm enjoying my life because of this game.

"I have come to know very important people in my country. I have met the king, I have met the president. I have met all the ministers. Everyone honours me because of the support of the sport of kickboxing.

"I like kickboxing and I want to nurture more fighters to engage in kickboxing."

Moses has a number of his own academies throughout the country as the sport continues to garner fresh interest.

Looking at the growth, he said: "When we started [kickboxing] 10 years back, we only had a few clubs. But as we speak now, we have almost 200 clubs all over Uganda.

"However, kickboxing is still very local. Now, I am the only one who is an international professional here.

"In my academy I have fighters, I have women, I have kids. I'm trying to teach them to be coaches, to be trainers. I believe that if a professional becomes a coach, he can coach so many.

"I still want to teach physical education. I want to use this talent to see that it can change the ghetto youth.

"You know what ghetto youth means. Men of the ghetto youths don't study. Sometimes we try to nurture talent into them to make them important people.

"So many youths have not engaged their talent. They have not engaged themselves in sports and have not engaged themselves into music. As a sports man, I want to see the youth.

"I'm looking at sports as gold because as a Ugandan, many people tell me I would've been richer in Europe. Telling me I would've been like Mayweather. But I say that I'm the Mayweather of Uganda. I feel so comfortable here."

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