McCoist keen for Rangers to make peace with SFA

Ally McCoist is keen to see Rangers and the Scottish Football Association resolve their differences for the good of Scottish football.


The Light Blues boss was responding to comments from SFA president Campbell Ogilvie this week saying he wants to hold clear-the-air talks with Ibrox chief executive Charles Green.

Rangers and the football governing body have clashed over a number of issues during what has been a turbulent time for the club and McCoist said: "I would echo Campbell's views and sentiments."

Green has been particularly vocal about the treatment of Rangers and was cleared of two SFA charges of bringing the game into disrepute and failing to act in the best interests of football following a not proven verdict on Thursday.

Like Ogilvie, McCoist wants to find a situation where Rangers and the SFA can now forge what he described as "a healthy working relationship" to allow both parties to move on.

"I'm delighted Charles' case was found not proven. From our point of view, it was the right decision, it was a bonus for us," he added.

"At the same time, we are of the opinion that we all have to move forward.

"At a club of our standing, in an ideal world, we have to have a healthy working relationship with the governing body.

"I'm totally aware of that and that's what we should aim for.

"You are obviously not going to agree with every decision that's made that affects both parties but we need to work together for the better and the good of Scottish football."

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