McDonald’s Is Quietly Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Menu Item

“I’ve waited years for this!"

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

We all have those fast food menu items that become our go-to order—especially at McDonald's where even the Coca-Cola is superior. So when those restaurants suddenly take your favorite meal off the menu, it can feel like a huge blow. That's exactly what happened four years ago when McDonald's discontinued its bagel breakfast sandwiches.

This discontinuation caused an uproar with customers—so much so that entire Reddit threads and Facebook groups were created for devotees of the bagel sandwiches where fans pleaded for the return of their favorite breakfast item.

McDonald's Confirms the Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches Are Back

Well now, the bagel breakfast sandwich is back! Reports from customers and local media outlets across the country have shared the news that bagel sandwiches are again being offered on the menu in select locations including New Orleans, Georgia, Arkansas, southern California, central Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Nashville, and central New Jersey.

We spoke with McDonald's USA and confirmed that the bagel sandwiches are currently being rolled out regionally. “Though Bagel Sandwiches are not available nationwide, they are a regional offering and currently available at participating McDonald’s in select markets,” says McDonald's USA.

What Is a McDonald's Breakfast Bagel?

So, what can customers expect? Many McDonald's locations are offering the bagels in three varieties: bacon, egg, and cheese; sausage, egg, and cheese; and steak, egg, and cheese. The bagel offerings all feature a toasted, buttered bagel with a folded egg, slices of American cheese, and their respective breakfast meats. And that hearty steak bagel sandwich comes with a bonus ingredient of grilled onions.

The bagels did make a return visit to McDonald's breakfast menus for a limited time after they were discontinued in 2020. The company reintroduced the breakfast sandwiches for a brief period in November of 2022 in select markets in Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

We don't know the official price of the bagel sandwiches this go-around as it varies by location, but fans are reporting on social media that the steak, egg, and cheese will run you more than the other flavors. Check with your local McDonald's to confirm availability and pricing.

But move fast in case this too is a limited return only. As one social media commenter summed it up, “I’ve waited years for this!"

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