McDonald's Just Created Its Craziest French Fry Product Yet

It’s making us question how much we *really* love McD’s fries.

<p>Getty Images / JOERG KOCH</p>

Getty Images / JOERG KOCH

When it comes to fast food fries, everybody knows McDonald’s has some of the best in the business. The scent of those golden, salt-sprinkled fries wafting out of the bag is unmistakable—and just like that, we're like dogs to a bone.

Well, McDonald's just released a product in honor of its fan-favorite fries and their fabulous scent, and it has us wondering if April 1st came early this year. It’s a first-of-its-kind creation that lets you take the smell of hot McDonald’s fries everywhere you go—not by carrying around a carton of fresh fries, but by physically wearing it.

McDonald’s Launches French Fry Perfume

McDonald’s Japan just announced a shocking step into a new, non-food category: perfumes. But the burger chain isn’t just launching any old perfume—this one will smell exactly like the restaurant’s world-famous French fries.

Yep, the greasy, deep-fried scent you’re usually trying to get out of your clothes is now available to apply willingly, begging the question, "Who is this for?" But, if you recall the quarter pounder candles of 2020, you might be as surprised as you probably should be.

Believe it or not, the McFry scent comes in more varieties than just the “salted classic.” The limited-edition fragrance collection also includes nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo seasoning (two popular fry flavors in Japan) for your sniffing pleasure.

And, just wait until you see the bottles. True to McDonald’s iconic red-and-yellow branding, the perfumes are designed after the signature French fry and Shaka Shaka Potato boxes.

McDonald’s and its marketing minds are always keeping us on our toes, and with the launch of this fry-grance, they’re definitely getting customers talking. As far as we know, no information has been released yet on when the novelty scents will be available in Japan and how much they will cost.

So, can you get behind the savory fry fragrance? We think we’ll stick to smelling our fries from the bag, not the bottle. It doesn't matter how enticing the scent might be, if the aroma of French fries doesn’t lead us to golden potatoes at the end of the rainbow, we don’t want it.

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