McDonald's Is Making Necessary Upgrades To Win The Burger War

McDonald's cheeseburger with french fries
McDonald's cheeseburger with french fries - Pavlovska Yevheniia/Shutterstock

Few burgers out there feel quite as classic as the one you can get at the McDonald's drive-thru. Plenty of folks don't think Burger King will ever beat McDonald's, and while some have derided McDonald's quality for years, others consider its sandwiches to be the best food you can grab on the go. Even so, it seems that the fast food chain won't rest until the entire world agrees. Since 2016, the burger and fry giant has been working to turn its staple sandwich into the perfect burger. And with the new changes it's putting in place, it may finally be close to achieving its goal.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the chain will be implementing these improvements to its original burger, as well as the Big Mac, at locations throughout the U.S. These alterations, which include new brioche buns, juicier patties, meltier cheese, and fresher veggies, aim to make the burgers better than ever before. In fact, these are arguably the biggest changes to the restaurant's main menu that customers have seen in decades, all in an effort to beat out increased competition. In total, over 50 small modifications have been made to the classic sandwiches, which really add up.

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What Makes McDonald's New Burgers Better?

diner holding McDonald's burger
diner holding McDonald's burger - Eliz A/Shutterstock

If you already think McDonald's burgers are delicious, don't worry — things are hopefully only going to improve from here. For starters, the chain is updating how it cooks its burger patties in an effort to address criticism that McDonald's burgers are too dry. Moving forward, the all-beef patties will be cooked in smaller batches than before. Ideally, this will ensure that they're cooked more evenly throughout. Additionally, the new Big Mac will feature two of these patties and more of the chain's famous special sauce.

The pickles and lettuce will be fresher than customers might be used to, as will the cheese, which will also benefit from melted better to create a better texture with every bite. Improving its buns was another major goal for the restaurant, as a less-than-appetizing, flattened-out, dense bun has been commonplace for McDonald's burgers in the past. Now those squished buns have been swapped with a fluffy, brioche alternative. The new buns will also have a more natural coating of sesame seeds and a buttery taste. The burger chain is further hoping to stack up to the competition by implementing more thorough preparation techniques and routines.

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