McLaren: Rain prospects not a worry


McLaren has no fears about its performance in the wet if expected rain hits the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have had mixed fortunes in wet conditions so far this year, something which has left it with no guarantee about its pace should the weather turn as bad as predicted.

Hamilton was quickest in both the first and second practice sessions on Friday.

McLaren sporting director Sam Michael said on Friday, however, that he felt the team was on top of its handling of wet weather tyres, which has given it a level of confidence about its potential.

"Last time in the wet we were quite fast, so that is our last data point," said Michael. "So, we changed two or three things after that and hopefully those changes means we can be quicker in those conditions.

"But until you run in the wet you don't know. You can always come away thinking you are really good in the wet, and you have a bad race again and it changes."

When asked which conditions he would prefer, Michael said: "I don't mind, to be honest, I am pretty neutral on it. Coming first and second against Red Bull and Ferrari would be pretty tough, and the weather can go either way on you. We don't mind."

Although the focus for media and fans this weekend is on the title battle between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, McLaren says it is wholly intent on upstaging them to help it capture second place in the constructors' championship.

"Our target this weekend is to finish first and second, because if we finish first and second we will finish second in the constructors' championship no matter what happens to anyone else," said Michael.

"Whether we can achieve that or not remains to be seen. Both drivers were very competitive this morning, but we will try and win it and come second."

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