Meet one of the most popular stars of ‘rug TikTok’

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lildumbfoo / TikTok
lildumbfoo / TikTok

Yes, there’s a thing called “rug TikTok” and it’s so soothing. 

Rug-making or tufting, a form of textile weaving where threads are woven into a base fabric, is taking social media by storm. Artists like Jacob Winter and Andrew Bell are scoring viral hits by showcasing their process. Bell, for example, makes simple but trendy shag rugs, like a punchy pink and black snake or friendly gray cat

Bell also posted a TikTok where he made a simple ladybug rug and it’s as creative as it is mesmerizing. 

He projected a simple computer illustration onto a tufting base, then traced it with a pencil. Like most custom rug-makers, Bell used a tufting gun, an electronic device that quickly weaves thread into the base, to fill in the outline with red and black yarn. To finish things off, he painted the ladybug rug with liquid latex to seal the threads and trimmed off any excess material. Bell even vacuumed the small rug, which of course adds a nice touch of ASMR. 

The video earned over 10 million views on TikTok. 

“IDK how I made it to rug TikTok but I’m loving it,” one user said

“IDK how I thought rugs were made but it wasn’t like this,” another wrote.

“I watch one video about the tool used and now I am on ‘RugTok.’ I’m impressed,” someone added.

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