Megan Fox defends drinking Machine Gun Kelly's blood: 'Not a Satanist'

Megan Fox defends drinking Machine Gun Kelly's blood: 'Not a Satanist'
  • Megan Fox doesn't think consuming Machine Gun Kelly's blood is that weird.

  • She said that other things — namely, letting a stranger ejaculate in your mouth — are grosser.

  • Fox said on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast that the blood rituals aren't Satanic.

Megan Fox isn't a Satanist — but she doesn't think ritualistically drinking her "soulmate" Machine Gun Kelly's blood is any weirder than people consuming strangers' ejaculate.

The actor appeared on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast on Wednesday for a wide-ranging chat with the host, Alex Cooper. Early in the conversation, Cooper asked Fox if there were any rumors she had seen about herself online that she wanted to debunk.

Kelly, whose given name is Colson Baker, and Fox made headlines years back for various blood-related activities, such as Kelly wearing a vial of Fox's blood as a necklace or the pair drinking each other's blood. Fox said that made some people think that she did "Satanic rituals," which isn't true. She likened it to kids cutting their fingers and making blood pacts.

She also added that she doesn't think swapping blood with Kelly, whom she dated and got engaged to, is that weird compared to some sexual activities.

"Guess what I think is weird?" Fox said. "I think it's weird that girls are out here letting guys come in their mouth, and they don't know these guys."

"You're letting somebody put their sperm in their mouth, and you don't know — he doesn't even have a job, you met him on fucking Tinder, he's an entrepreneur, or whatever, he's in a startup, and you just let him sperm in your mouth," she continued. "That's disgusting. That makes my back hurt. That makes me sweaty."

Fox appeared to confirm to Cooper in the episode that her 2022 engagement to Kelly has since been called off, though she refused to comment on their current status. But she said she calls him her "twin soul," and they'll always be connected.

While comparing the blood rituals to fellatio, Fox argued that it wasn't "gross" for her and Kelly — whom she referred to as her "soulmate" — to swap blood. It's far weirder, she said, to consume a stranger's sperm.

"You got Brandon from Silicon Valley's sperm in your mouth. He didn't even buy you a nice drink!" she told Cooper. "Honestly though, it's a matter of perspective."

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