A Waitress Laughed At This Man For Ordering A Fruity Cocktail, And Thousands Of People Are Applauding His Petty Revenge

Reddit user u/hovis_mavis was recently vacationing with his 14-year-old son, and they were in a bar watching football one evening. "The server came by and asked if we wanted drinks. I asked for a piña colada, she snickered at the order, and kind of laughed out an 'Okay' before walking off to make it," he shared in the Reddit thread.

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U/hovis_mavis said this really annoyed him. "I'm just a grown man wanting to drink a tasty cocktail. What's wrong with that?"

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So, when the waitress brought his drink back, he decided to have a little fun. "As she was placing the drink on the table, I said, 'My mom loved these, God rest her soul. I always have one on the anniversary of her death to remember her.' The waitress looked horrified and tried to shuffle off quickly, so I asked for a cocktail stirrer so she had to come back," he said.

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When the waitress came back, he took a sip, kissed his hand, and pointed to the sky trying to look sad. "She was so visibly uncomfortable, I had to stifle my own laughs, and she noticeably avoided our table multiple times after this."

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This situation caught the attention of nearly 50,000 Reddit users — most of whom are men who are now sharing how they've found themselves in similar situations when they've ordered fruity drinks at bars...

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"The same thing happened to me. I'm partial to a porn star martini, so I ordered one. The waitress said, 'That's a girl's drink.' I had three, and the waitress didn't get a tip. 🖕🖕" —DarthScabies

"This reminds me of when I went out with my wife and some of my friends. I ordered a pink vodka lemonade, and they started teasing me, saying it wasn't a manly drink and that I must be gay. I just turned to my wife and asked her, 'Damn, am I actually gay?' She said, 'It didn't strike me like that an hour ago when you were on top of me.' The topic was swiftly changed after that, LOL." —Drogeto

"I’m a huge, bearded guy, and my wife is small, like 5’2”. I drink fruity foo-foo tiki drinks, and she drinks straight whiskey. It never fails that people flip our drinks around when they bring them to the table or bar." —senor_skuzzbukkit

"I ordered a cocktail in a Japanese restaurant once. It was hot pink with a sugar rim and flowers all in and around it. A group of young women sat at the table next to us, and one of them said to me, 'Is that really your drink?'" —oztrailrunner

"That happens to me, too! Once our vendors took us out for a round of food and drinks. I ordered a Cosmo (also being a grown man). My coworker sneered, 'Come on, order a real drink, sweetheart.'" —u/frisco-frisky-dom

"My younger brother is a big guy, I mean big. He has a shaved head, many tattoos, swears like a sailor, and looks pretty scary really. He also really likes a cocktail. Years ago, he took me out for my 30th birthday and ordered what was called a Pear Drop cocktail. He’s not remotely bothered or ashamed by what others might think. Enjoy your cocktails, guys, life is far too short." —u/KDurin.

So, um, how did we get here?!!!! I don't even know. Drop your thoughts on drink-shamers in the comments!