Menacing ‘Scandal’ Character Returns to Cause More Drama

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Just when everyone thought the bad guys were gone on Scandal, it turned out that there was someone even higher up the food chain who was pulling the strings. It all started when David Rosen showed up at Abby’s place with an ominous box. Abby wanted to know what was in the box, much like Brad Pitt in Seven. And just like Morgan Freeman, David didn’t want Abby to know what was in the box. But Abby opened it anyway and saw the severed head of Miss Ruland.

David wanted some closure, so he went to Rowan for info, and he gave David the head. While trying to find out who Miss Ruland really was, they found out she wasn’t the one at the top of the totem pole. There was someone else calling the shots.

Meanwhile, Papa Pope was saying goodbye to Olivia; he planned on disappearing forever. But right as he was about to board a plane to nowhere, Olivia intercepted him. Olivia showed her father just who was behind all the terrible things that had happened: Mama Pope!

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