‘Menendez: Blood Brothers’ First Look: Courtney Love is a Vision as Kitty

Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Death can’t break the intense bond between mother and son. That’s true even when the son is responsible for the mother’s death. In this exclusive clip from the Lifetime movie, Menendez: Blood Brothers — based on the infamous double murder that made headlines in 1989 — Erik Menendez (Myko Olivier) receives a bathtub visit from the ghost of his mom Kitty (Courtney Love) after he and his brother, Lyle (Nico Tortorella), shot their parents as they slept.

In the wake of the double murder, both siblings attempted to go about business as usual which, for aspiring pro tennis player Erik, means traveling abroad for a match. While he’s overseas, though, Lyle is arrested by an increasingly suspicious police force, leaving his brother with a big question: Should he remain overseas as a fugitive or head back home to face the music? In the scene above, Ghost Mom actually argues in favor of the former, telling her boy: “You can still save yourself. Don’t you think there’s a reason this happened while you were out of the country?” But the brotherly bond proves too strong, and Erik commits to standing beside his brother in court. (In real life, the two are still serving life sentences in separate prisons.) 

Menendez: Blood Brothers premieres Sunday, June 11 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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