Mercedes could ditch double-DRS


Mercedes has conceded that it may elect not to race with a passive double-DRS next season, thanks to the difficulties it has experienced in getting the system to work so far this year.

The Brackley-based team has tried the concept during Friday practice at several recent races, but has already ruled out racing it in the final three grands prix of the year.

Team principal Ross Brawn admits that there does not appear to be as big a benefit from the system - which stalls the rear wing at high-speed for a straight-line speed boost – as the team had originally hoped.

If further work on the device this season and over the winter does not yield more of an advantage, then there is a chance the team may elect not to feature it on its 2013 car.

When asked about the benefits of the design, Brawn said: "It is quite acute, and quite difficult to provide an overall performance gain.

"Obviously having that sort of device in the middle of the rear wing means you lose some overall performance which you hope to get back with the benefits that come from the device, but at the moment it is pretty neutral to be honest.

"We will carry on with it, and it is not costing us much in terms of track time because we run it for a few laps to get the data on a Friday morning.

"Whether it will see the light of day in anger, I don't know."

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