Metal detectorist unearths 19th century 'witch bottle' containing hair, urine and a human TOOTH

A 19th century "witch bottle" containing hair, urine and a human TOOTH has been unearthed by a metal detectorist after being buried for over 120 years.

The perfectly-preserved Victorian glass apothecary vessel was found by Chris Langston, 48, in secluded woodland near Oswestry, Shrops.

The dad-of-three made the creepy discovery after noticing a pile of broken crockery in the dirt and went to inspect it further last Wednesday (30/6).

After digging up the small clear bottle he was left shocked when a tooth slid down the tube before he also spotted hair and what appeared to be urine.

Archaeologists say bottles were filled with such items as long ago as the 1600s to stop spells and curses entering homes.

People believed that placing items that linked a homeowner to the property, would successfully stop evil forces penetrating the walls.

And not only was Chris freaked out to find such a bottle, he was left even more terrified when he discovered a severed doll's head nearby.

Spooked Chris now fears he might have disturbed an ancient curse and has returned the items to their original location to avoid "any bad juju".

Before doing so he informed his local find's liaison officer, who confirmed the 11.5cm tall and 2cm wide bottle dated back to between 1860-1900.

Chris, of Oswestry, said: "It was my fourth visit back to the site after I discovered some broken pottery a couple of months ago.

"The top layer seemed to be from around 1900 to 1910 as there were some commemorative cups and things broken on the surface.

"On the latest visit I found a blue poison bottle and a broken dolls head which was creepy in itself which dates to 1900.

"And then I was digging away and this bottle came out and I thought 'what's that inside?' and a tooth slid up the bottle.

"I had my camera in my hand and in the video you can see me shaking as I just wanted to put it down.

"On closer inspection I noticed there was a load of hair in there and that left me a little bit curious and I thought it was a bit peculiar.

"So I did a bit of research online and discovered it was a witch bottle and it was later confirmed to be it could date back to 1860."

After posting about the find on his Instagram page, Chris, who has over 30K followers, was inundated with comments telling him to leave the bottle where he found it.

Others even asked if it was for sale but Chris believes he has done the right thing by returning it back to the field.

Metal detector blogger Chris added: "I did take it to my mum's and she said to me 'get that thing outside', she wouldn't even have it in the house.

"I went back the following day and placed it in an undisturbed part near the area where I found it and buried it slightly just to avoid any bad juju.

"The most bizarre thing is that I've never believed in anything like this but I'm not willing to take the risk.

"So I've suddenly become all superstitious within a shovel full. I did get a bit creeped out by it all.

"The other thing was that because a bit of the wax and cork had broken, I got 150-year-old wee all over my hands.

"I'm not sure if that's a good or bad omen, but it certainly didn't feel like good luck at the time.

"The doll's head which I found out was an Armand Marseille antique doll.

"I had dug up a Georgian-style mug and tipped the soil out and the head rolled out of inside the mug. That was weird enough by itself.

"I posted about it on my Instagram page and I had loads of comments telling me to put it back but others asked if I want to sell it.

"People have been warning me to be careful and telling me all about witches, the occult and voodoo - it's been quite fascinating but I think I did the right thing putting it back."

Chris who spends most of his time out and about looking for ancient coins and treasure began metal detecting eight years ago to help him with PTSD.

He added: "It's the only thing that's ever helped me.

"As soon as I picked up the stick and started swinging everything just disappeared, it's like fishing.

"I just want other people that are suffering to realise that they could actually pick up a metal detector and realise it could help them too."

He joked: "But that's unless you find a severed doll's head and a witch bottle, because that certainly wasn't the most relaxing trip I've been on."