Mexico Supreme Court justice resigns, but not because of criticism over his Taylor Swift fandom

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A Mexican Supreme Court justice who rose to fame after openly declaring himself a fan of pop star Taylor Swift resigned Tuesday.

Justice Arturo Zaldívar had previously said he faced criticism for declaring himself a “Swiftie” in June. But in a resignation letter he posted Tuesday, he did not cite criticism of his musical tastes as a reason for resigning.

Instead, Zaldívar said his “cycle had come to end” after 14 years of serving on Mexico’s highest court. He was one of three justices who regularly sided with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on rulings, but they are regularly outvoted by the court’s eight other justices.

López Obrador has been a fierce critic of the court, which has ruled against some of his pet projects.

In June, Zaldívar wrote in his social media accounts that "There are those who criticize me because I like Taylor Swift.”

“They claim that Taylor, 33, is superficial and irrelevant. That her music is only made for — and listened to — by 15-year-olds,” he wrote. “They argue that I, as a Supreme Court Justice, should be focusing on more important tasks.”

Zaldívar wrote that “Those who criticize me ... reveal a deep unawareness of what she means for millions of women and young people in Mexico and around the world.”


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