Michael Jordan's Chicago mansion up for sale at $14.9M after failing to sell at $29M

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Michael Jordan has never dealt with failure in Chicago, save for one aspect: He has been unable to sell his Chicago-area mansion for the past eight years.

Now, perhaps as a result of "The Last Dance," Jordan's former home is once again up for sale for $14.9 million — nearly half its original listing price of $29 million, per Darren Rovell of the Action Network.

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Sports Illustrated's Dan Gartland reports that Jordan has been unsuccessfully attempting to sell his home since February 2012 — eight years and running. And honestly, who wouldn't want to live in the home formerly owned by His Airness?

Per the home's Zillow listing:

"NBA Superstar Michael Jordan's seven-acre estate is as legendary as His Airness himself. The 56,000 square foot property-equipped with every conceivable luxury amenity-is a physical monument to his tireless dedication and hard work. The custom designed property includes a regulation-sized basketball gymnasium, circular infinity pool, putting green, tennis court, and cigar room, each with Jordan's signature touch."

Speaking of signature, the entrance to Jordan's house features a massive gate with the number 23 on it — in case you needed more proof as to who owns the home.

Other highlights of the house include:

  • 32,683 square feet

  • Nine bedrooms

  • 19 baths

  • 14 bathrooms

  • No HOA fees (what a bargain)

Hilariously, the home is listed a single-family residence.

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