Michael Strahan's daughter gives update after second brain surgery: 'It's not fun getting your head cut open'

19-year-old Isabella Strahan is sharing her experience of living with cancer in a candid video series.

Isabella Strahan is recovering after a recent setback in her cancer battle.

Michael Strahan's 19-year-old daughter, who has been documenting the ups and downs of her health journey in a candid vlog series, shared the 12th installment Wednesday, days after an unexpected second brain surgery.

"They're cutting open my scar from my first surgery, cleaning it, and maybe taking my bone out," she says in the video on the morning of the procedure. "They might have to take my bone out again, or they might replace my bone. We'll see. I'm not excited, at all, I'm actually kind of nervous."

She goes on to quip, "Yay, how lucky am I to get another brain surgery."

<p>Isabella Strahan/YouTube</p> Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan/YouTube

Isabella Strahan

The video picks up hours later, post-surgery, with Isabella recuperating in a hospital bed with a full head wrap. "Hey, vlog, I am in so much pain and my head is wrapped, and my face is extremely puffy and, um, this sucks," she says. "I was in so much pain earlier, I was like screaming. This is not fun."

She explains that an area in her skull was cleaned for infection, and a bone replaced with a titanium plate. "So now I'm part titanium," Isabella jokes.

In her previous vlog, Isabella revealed that she was hospitalized after a series of fevers followed her first round of chemotherapy. Now she adds, "Hopefully this is what was causing all my fevers and why I've been in the hospital for a week. So hopefully I will get to go home soon after I heal from this."

She tells viewers that while she isn't feeling her best, she wanted to give a vlog update.

"I'm just in a lot of pain and it sucks," she says. "It's not fun getting your head cut open, it's not fun. But I'm super-glad I can still walk and talk and they didn't, like, touch my brain, because doing that again would be really, really rough and I don't think I could do it."

She then catches herself: "I could do it, but it would be rough." Later in the video, Isabella is much improved and walking through the hospital after having the head wrap removed.

Both Isabella and her father have been forthright about the difficult moments of her cancer treatment since disclosing her diagnosis earlier this year. In October, she underwent an emergency surgery to remove a tumor in her cerebellum. Amid her recovery, she began her YouTube series in the hopes of offering other young people a grounded perspective of living with cancer.

"She's always been strong, and this is something that is so personal," Michael said on Good Morning America in January. "I'm extremely proud."

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