Michaela Strachan slammed for moaning about ‘posh prison’ £2,250 quarantine hotel

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Michaela Strachan in quarantine hotel  (Michaela Strachan/Twitter)
Michaela Strachan in quarantine hotel (Michaela Strachan/Twitter)

Springwatch star Michaela Strachan come under fire for whingeing about her stay in “posh prison”.

She has been staying in a £2,250 quarantine hotel since her arrival from red list country South Africa.

Angry followers hit back at the star saying it was “not a concentration camp” while others insisted she was lucky as some children “do not get that much to eat all day” in a sea of comments below the post complaining about the food.

Speaking out, Ms Strachan hit back saying her original tweet was meant to be “tongue in cheek” and she didn’t think she was “spoilt”.

She later added: “I feel the urge to clarify. Of course there are disadvantaged people who would find this b/fast a feast. That’s not the point. My point is about value for money. My tweet was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but I really don’t think expecting value for money makes me spoilt?”

Stuck in quarantine, the presenter was less than impressed with the food on offer.

A photograph showed she was presented with white toast, cereal box, apple, juice, pot of yoghurt and small milk.

She wrote: “Day 3 hotel quarantine. I’m losing the will on day 3! £2250 and this is what you get for breakfast!I haven’t eaten rice crispies since I was 12 and who eats white bread anymore? And I waited an hour and a half for a guard to let me out to the car park.think I need to breathe….”

Many people jumped to the small screen star’s defence over her Twitter post.

Among the comments, some wrote: “People get real, healthy food doesn’t cost more. Michaela’s point here is valid, the costs are very high, the least she should be able to do is get some choice. She is a successful presenter, dont knock her for succeeding in her career and being able to travel.”

“It’s a total rip off I thought the price of the hotel was bad enough but if that’s what they think breakfast should be that’s even worst.”

Ms Strachan has been documenting her stay in quarantine hotel to her 121.9k following on social media.

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