Michigan State moves up to No. 5 in AP poll ahead of first CFP rankings

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Following its thrilling come-from-behind win over Michigan, Michigan State moved up three spots to No. 5 in the Associated Press Top 25.

Will the Spartans make a similar jump in Tuesday night’s College Football Playoff rankings, or will MSU move into the top four? Or will the CFP selection committee’s first top four of the season resemble that of the AP voters?

The AP poll’s top four is unchanged compared to last week. Georgia is No. 1, Cincinnati is No. 2, Alabama is No. 3 and Oklahoma is No. 4.

Behind MSU at No. 6 is Ohio State, which dropped a spot despite a win over Penn State on Saturday night. Rounding out the top 10 are No. 7 Oregon, No. 8 Notre Dame, No. 9 Michigan and No. 10 Wake Forest.

Notre Dame and Wake Forest both moved up three spots. Michigan, which blew a 30-14 third-quarter lead in the loss to MSU, dropped three spots from No. 6.

Other teams to make notable jumps in the rankings include No. 11 Oklahoma State (No. 15 last week), No. 12 Auburn (No. 18 last week), No. 16 UTSA (No. 23 last week), and No. 17 BYU (No. 25 last week).

Teams that fell in the rankings include No. 15 Ole Miss, No. 18 Kentucky and No. 19 Iowa. Ole Miss fell five spots after losing to Auburn, Kentucky fell six spots after losing to Mississippi State and Iowa fell 10 spots after losing to Wisconsin.

Teams that were unranked last week but are now in the Top 25 are No. 20 Houston, No. 24 Louisiana and No. 25 Fresno State.

Below is the full Associated Press Top 25:

  1. Georgia

  2. Cincinnati 

  3. Alabama

  4. Oklahoma

  5. Michigan State

  6. Ohio State

  7. Oregon

  8. Notre Dame

  9. Michigan

  10. Wake Forest

  11. Oklahoma State 

  12. Auburn 

  13. Texas A&M 

  14. Baylor 

  15. Ole Miss

  16. UTSA 

  17. BYU 

  18. Kentucky 

  19. Iowa

  20. Houston

  21. Coastal Carolina

  22. Penn State

  23. SMU

  24. Louisiana 

  25. Fresno State

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