You might be surprised by how many calories there are in a chicken breast...

calories in chicken breast
How many calories are *really* in chicken breast?Claudia Totir - Getty Images

Looking to increase your lean protein (without loading cals and carbs) as part of a healthy diet, you might well find yourself Googling ‘calories in chicken breast’ — and here’s your answer(s)…

It varies depending on the cut and cooking technique, varying between 150-200 calories in 100g, but we’ll break it down into bitesize pieces. (Nuggets, if you will.)

Less processed than many meats, chicken is high in a range of essential nutrients, such as the aforementioned protein, plus niacin, selenium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

How many calories are in a cooked chicken breast?

Arguably the most convenient part of the chicken to buy if you’re not cooking the whole bird, the breast is a firm fave — and thus, most expensive.

In a skinless, boneless (heads up if you’re wondering: ‘How many calories are in a boneless chicken breast?’) breast weighing 100g, there are around 280 calories and a plucky 53g protein.

How many calories are in 100g of chicken breast meat?

This is where things get interesting (relatively speaking) — 100g of chicken breast meat contains 165 calories, whereas the same weight of chicken thigh is 206 calories. Higher in fat, though very little of it saturated fat that can raise cholesterol levels, and easier on the bird budget — allowing you to buy better, where possible — chicken thighs are still considered a heart-healthy meat.

How much is 200 calories in a chicken breast?

About exactly 100g, which makes meal maths simple! And bonus: that's around 45g of protein, your recommended daily allowance.

Can I eat 200g of chicken breast a day?

Not only is 200g of chicken a day safe, it also provides sufficient protein to build muscle (alongside a workout plan, of course — unfortunately protein alone will do nada), though you could also get this from a variety of sources.

Can I eat 200g of chicken breast in one meal, you ask? Ideally you’d break that down into two portions — say, one for lunch and one for dinner.

Can I eat 100g chicken breast daily?

It’s the suggested portion size, so a most sensible amount to aim for. Burritos, salads, tacos, curries, wraps — healthy chicken recipes are almost endless.

Can I consume 500 grams chicken breast in a day?

Though not necessarily unhealthy, it doesn’t lend itself to a balanced diet — which is more important than going hard on one particular macro.

If protein is your priority, mix up your sources — adding some vegan protein, for health, equal gains and easing up on that carbon footprint.

How much chicken should I eat per day to lose weight?

As a lean meat, chicken doesn’t have much fat — so aim for 100g per day as part of a balanced diet to make sure you’re getting what you need. High is protein, it’s a solid choice for feeling satiated for longer, weight loss and maintaining lean body mass.

What is the healthiest way to eat chicken?

Not many surprises here... Thumbs up for grilled, poached, baked, stir-fried, smoked or BBQ-ed. Thumbs down for fried, breaded, rotisserie and in ham form.

What is the best chicken to buy?

Aim to buy high quality and high-welfare (look for organic and free-range labels) chicken to ensure the meat you’re eating is healthy and the welfare of the animals themselves. It’s a bit pricier, but it’s worth it. Studies have found free-range chicken is lower in fat and higher in protein, iron and zinc than their caged counterparts. Winner winner.

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