Miley Cyrus debuts platinum blonde hair in a metallic silver bra

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Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images

Just when we thought Miley Cyrus’s hair couldn’t look any more incredible, she went and dropped a whole new look on us that left us furiously double tapping.

So far, we’ve had Miley rocking 80s Princess Diana hair. Then, there was that incredible mullet with a David Bowie twist. And let’s not forget her shortest mullet to date.

Now, for Hoopla festival over the weekend, Miley debuted a brand new look and it’s one of our favourites yet.

She rocked a grown-out mullet, complete with punk rock layers and a chopped full fringe that skimmed her eyes. But alongside the incredible haircut, Miley debuted a new hair colour, too: she’s now platinum blonde and it’s giving me the urge to dye my hair.

Posting a series of absolutely fire selfies – seriously, just LOOK at them – Miley is posing with her bright blonde hair, layered necklaces and some incredible metallic blue winged eyeshadow. A true icon.

Miley later took to the stage in a metallic silver bikini top with matching glove, serving pure Madonna vibes. And the spotlight made her hair look even more incredible:

Miley, we are truly not worthy.

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