Millie Bobby Brown Got Asked About The End Of Stranger Things, And It Sounds Like She's Not Ready To Talk About It

 Stranger things trailer screenshot of eleven in high school.
Stranger things trailer screenshot of eleven in high school.

Before Stranger Things’ fourth season premiered, Netflix announced Season 5 would be the last. With the latest season impacted by the writers' strike, we’ve been waiting for two years for the hit Netflix series to reach its conclusion. Now that filming for Season 5 has finally commenced, and its star Millie Bobby Brown was asked questions about what filming was like. However, she gave a vague answer making it seem like she wasn’t ready to talk about it.

Millie Bobby Brown made her debut on Stranger Things when she was 12 years old playing Hawkins Lab test subject Eleven who exhibits powers of telekinesis. After five seasons of one of Netflix’s best shows, she and the rest of the cast and crew will be saying goodbye to the Upside Down. Brown was asked by The Sun how filming has been going for the final season, and she gave a blurred answer like she wasn’t ready to talk about it:

We’re having fun, we’re all back together again and we’re not thinking about the end. The crew is happy, the cast are happy and we’re really excited. It’s a long road ahead. Right now we’re living in bliss.

I understand why Millie Bobby Brown probably wasn’t ready to talk about Stranger Things’ fifth season. With shooting just starting, she probably wants to keep plot details under wraps. I can imagine how happy the Damsel actress and the rest of the Stranger Things cast must have felt working together one last time. These feelings may be heightened too, because the strikes delayed filming for a few months. But once the 2023 actors' strike ended in November, it was time to get the ball rolling in production.

The Enola Holmes actress may not be ready to talk, but it still doesn’t stop us from having major questions about Season 5. For example, we still don’t have a premiere date yet for the upcoming new season, but it’s safe to assume it’ll come to Netflix sometime around 2025. While Matt Duffer revealed the runtime of the installment will be around 10 hours long, we still don't know if it will be eight or nine episodes. One fact we know about Stranger Things' fifth season is that the final episode is expected to be as long as a feature-length movie.

Other than The Terminator’s Linda Hamilton joining the cast, it would be nice to know about new casting for the series as well as those returning. I’m also curious if we’ll get all of the episodes premiering in one shot or if they’ll be split into two volumes like Season 4 was. I guess those burning questions will have to wait though.

Another question racking my brain about Stranger Things is if Eddie Munson truly did die. We saw the high school senior being ripped apart by Demobats in a noble sacrifice to save his friends right before our eyes. But, maybe there’s hope he made it out alive? There truly are so many questions surrounding Stranger Things Season 5 about the kids, the demogorgons, their leader Vecna and more, however, answers will not be coming any time soon.

While we may not have gotten much about filming Stranger Things from Millie Bobby Brown, I’d like to believe we’ll get more teasers from her once filming finishes. Not to mention, maybe the fewer details we know the better because it's always more fun to not know what's coming.

So far, Brown has expressed her feelings about the show ending, saying she's ready to say goodbye and delve into new chapters of her life. Plus, she told The Sun she still plans to channel her character’s psychic abilities by attending readings with her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi.

Until Season 5 of Stranger Things is available with a Netflix subscription, you can check out the first four seasons on the same streamer. You can also make sure to look at Netflix's new releases so you don’t miss out on the latest movies and shows.