TikTokers transform their family members into Minions for hilarious makeup challenge: 'They always end up crying'

The Minions hype is still going strong on TikTok. Now, Gen Zers have created a challenge where they prank their family members by giving them “Minion makeup.”

The Minion makeup trend began in early July when TikToker Saisha Cornett shared this video, in which she drew a “despicable” look on her sister’s face. The video uses the Minions’ cover of “I Swear” from Despicable Me 2 as background music.

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“She thought she was getting the ‘full glam’ look, she’s not far off,” Cornett wrote in the caption.

The Minions-themed prank highly amused TikTok users.

“This is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen,” a TikToker wrote.

“That is 100% full glam,” the official Minions TikTok account said.

The Minion makeup trend quickly spread across the app, with many targeting their younger siblings for the prank. This viral TikTok shared by user Meera shows her little sister’s priceless reaction to her Minion transformation. The video has received nearly 5 million likes.

“She’s still crying,” Meera wrote in the caption.

Her sister’s tears melted viewers’ hearts.


“I can tell from her smile she gave u so much trust,” someone chimed in.

TikToker Val shared another hilarious version of the TikTok challenge: She fooled her little brother into thinking he would look like Spider-Man.

“THEY ALWAYS END UP CRYING,” a viewer commented.

“Him crying hurts my heart, but it’s also kinda funny,” another said.

“I love that this trend is just terrorizing your younger sibling,” someone wrote.

Some TikTokers are also doing the Minion makeup trend voluntarily. This adorable TikTok shared by Kim Kardashian and her daughter, North West, shows North giving Kim the “Mommy Minion” look.

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