Minority of Liverpool fans interrupt Anfield silence to remember Queen Elizabeth II

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A small minority of Liverpool fans interrupted a pre-match silence to honour Queen Elizabeth II ahead of the Champions League game against Ajax.

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish had urged all supporters to respect the silence after the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance made a similar plea.

Some in Liverpool hold strong anti-monarchy views, but the club had hoped those represented among their fanbase would manage to respect a short silence before Tuesday's fixture.

Sporadic shouting at Anfield began with a "Liverpool, Liverpool" chant that was hushed by many other supporters, and the silence was halted after 25 seconds by referee Artur Manuel Soares Dias.

It had not been specified as a minute's silence, with Liverpool describing it on their website ahead of the game as "a period of silence".

The Premier League club laid a wreath at the stadium to mark the death of the long-reigning monarch, while captain Jordan Henderson signed an official book of condolence in the city.