What are the missing lyrics in these football songs? – quiz

Paul Campbell
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<span class="element-image__caption">John Barnes and Craig Johnston recording the Anfield Rap in 1988.</span> <span class="element-image__credit">Photograph: Bob Thomas/Getty Images</span>
John Barnes and Craig Johnston recording the Anfield Rap in 1988. Photograph: Bob Thomas/Getty Images
  • What is the missing line from the original Three Lions song: "I still see that tackle by Moore, and when Lineker scored, Bobby belting the ball. And ..."?

    1. Gazza drinking

    2. All our chances

    3. Geoff Hurst blasting

    4. Nobby dancing

    5. Chelsea released this song in 1972 to coincide with their appearance in the League Cup final (which they lost to Stoke City). What is the missing line: "Blue is the colour, football is the game. We're all together, and …"?

      1. We're so glad you came

      2. We'll have a good old time

      3. Winning is our aim

      4. We have something to proclaim

      5. Complete the spoken word intro to Vindaloo: "Where on earth are you from? We're from England. Where you come from … "?

        1. Do you see great Albion?

        2. Do you have the fun?

        3. Is it this humdrum?

        4. Do you put the kettle on?

        5. Who is the missing Manchester United player in this lyric from their 1994 FA Cup song Come On You Reds: "Schmeichel, Parker, Pallister. Irwin, Bruce, Sharpe and Ince. Hughes, McClair, Keane and Cantona. Robson, Kanchelskis and … "?

          1. Dublin

          2. Blackmore

          3. Ferguson

          4. Giggs

          5. What is the missing line from West Ham anthem I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles: "I'm forever blowing bubbles. Pretty bubbles in the air. They fly so high, nearly reach the sky. Then like my dreams they … "

            1. Make me cry

            2. Go high and dry

            3. Hit a pie in the sky

            4. Fade and die

            5. What is the next line from Scotland's World Cup 1998 song Don't Come Home Too Soon: "The world may not be shaking yet, but you might prove them wrong …"?

              1. We have McAllister and Hendry

              2. We'll say 'oui, oui' in Paris

              3. Stranger things have happened

              4. Even long shots make it

              5. Not our dockside

              6. We will abide

              7. Our hits go worldwide

              8. We got the side

              9. We have civic pride

              10. Which FA Cup finalists were celebrated with these lyrics in an eponymously titled song in 1972: "There's a red-headed tiger known as Billy. And he goes like a human dynamo. Mick the Mover, of course, he can work like a horse. And Topcat Cooper's always on the go"?

                1. Stoke City

                2. Leeds United

                3. Arsenal

                4. Aston Villa

                5. What is the first line of Spurs' 1982 FA Cup song: "Tottenham, Tottenham … "

                  1. We won in Birmingham

                  2. Come on Saturday 3pm

                  3. We'll show them

                  4. No one can stop them

                  5. Complete this lyric from Pass & Move (It's the Liverpool Groove): "Ho shimmy shimmy, Skippy take it away. Shaggy’s in flight, now it’s judgement day. Digger in the middle, weaving his spell. Jason McAteer … "

                    1. Knows his hair gel

                    2. The blonde bombshell

                    3. Sweeter than carmel

                    4. Strong enough for NFL

                    5. Like a bat outta hell


                    1:D, 2:C, 3:D, 4:D, 5:D, 6:D, 7:D, 8:B, 9:D, 10:E


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