Mixed approaches to NZ running order


The World Rally Championship crews have taken completely different approaches to the running order selection in Auckland tonight - with Jari-Matti Latvala at the back of the pack and Mikko Hirvonen leading the field away.

Latvala was first to chose his position, courtesy of his fastest time at this morning's qualifying stage.

The Ford driver said: "There is more gravel than ever on the roads tomorrow. I know it is the winter and I know it is probably going to rain at some point, but when it dries it will clean. I'm not worried about starting from the back [of the World Rally Car entries]."

Hirvonen was second to select made the polar opposite decision to Latvala.

"He [Latvala] screwed up my plans," said Hirvonen. "Sorry, Jari-Matti, but it's definitely going to rain tomorrow."

Heavy rain will decrease the cleaning effect as the wet surface will bind together.

"We had to do something different to him [Latvala]," added Citroen's Finn.

After prolonged debate, Petter Solberg decided to run second on the road, giving Ford an option at the top and bottom of the running order. Sebastien Loeb will be third on the road, with only Belgian Rally NZ debutant Thierry Neuville following Latvala's belief that the road will clean.

Running order:

1. Mikko Hirvonen

2. Petter Solberg

3. Sebastien Loeb

4. Ott Tanak

5. Dani Sordo

6. Jari Ketomaa

7. Evgeny Novikov

8. Manfred Stohl

9. Ken Block

10. Armindo Araujo

11. Paulo Nobre

12. Thierry Neuville

13. Jari-Matti Latvala

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