Keith Hernandez's funny cat 'emergency' tale leads into Mets' first home run of season

Cassandra Negley
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There's a lot that goes down in the SNY broadcast booth beyond the New York Mets and baseball. Much of that has to do with Hadji. 

Hadji is Keith Hernandez's 18-year-old Bengal cat and he lives a lavish life even GQ wanted to profile. Hernandez is obsessed with being a cat dad and on Tuesday night a snafu at home got in the way of the Mets' first home run of the season. 

In the fourth inning of a tie game with the Philadelphia Phillies, a wind chime ring tone went off in the booth as Dom Smith came up to bat. Gary Cohen asked what the noise was and Hernandez exasperatingly explained it was his iPad going off. 

"I have a slight emergency at home, that's what it is," Hernandez said. When Cohen immediately asked if Hadji was OK, Hernandez said everything was fine and launched into the deal. 

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"It's nothing serious, just someone was supposed to feed my cat and she hasn't fed the cat in a while and she used the wrong key and it's jammed in the door," Hernandez said, turning Cohen and Ron Darling's facial expressions from legitimate concern to laughter. 

"And I don't know if I'm going to be able to get into my house tonight," Hernandez continued. 

As Cohen began to dig into this story more, Smith took a high pitch to left to notch the Mets' first home run of the season. It scored Pete Alonso en route to a 8-4 victory in Philadelphia. 

An inning later, Hernandez said another friend was going to the house with a locksmith to unjam the key so Hernandez could get into his house. He does not have a key to the side door, but Cohen expertly suggested there's always the cat door. 

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Hadji is mentioned on the SNY broadcast from time to time and is a hit on Hernandez's Twitter profile. He has his own stroller for poolside luxury and an extravagant catwalk in the house. Not to mention a backyard fort. Hernandez might have been temporarily locked out, but Hadji was still living his best life through it all. 

Keith Hernandez
New York Mets announcer and former player Keith Hernandez interrupted a Dominic Smith at-bat for a cat story. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

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